Saturday, 15 July 2017

Some more Bob Marrion originals

I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to purchase a few more original paintings by the late Bob Marrion. These ones cover subjects from the War of Spanish Succession and with three exceptionsfirst appeared in the two Charles S Grant books (since reprinted and available in a single volume) on the Armies of the War of the Spanish Succession. I have to thank Charles for brokering the sale of these and the other pieces of work by Bob that I've managed to acquire. Some of the paintings are getting on for 20 years old but they all look fresh and absolutely stunning!

A special note about this French Dragoon. It was on the back of another painting but Bob didn't think it was up to standard so he scribbled over it and used the other side of the canvas for another painting.

The two English regiments shown are from Colonel Wynn's regiment, which is quite a coincidence as her Grandfather's name was also Wynne, but with an 'e'. It's highly unlikely that there's any link as we know that one ancestor was a senior surgeon in the Peninsular War attached to the Portugese army, and that in the previous century the family had some significant trading interests (mainly wine) in Lisbon, and indeed settled there until the late 19th century.

Now they just need framing!!!!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

French Revolutionary War reinforcements

Production has been somewhat slow over the last couple of weeks. However, a few items have arrived in barracks ready to take to the table.

First up is a gift from my friend David Bickley, painted by his son Matt - a gorgeous command stand for my French Revolutionary Wars cavalry.
Next, two companies of the 5th Btn, 60th Rifles for my 1799 Helder Campaign. The regiment had been raised for barely a year but after some time in Ireland a few (I don't know how many) companies were sent to Holland as reinforcements. They will each be classed as 'tiny' units in Black Powder so I'm not sure how much use they will be. We shall see....
Third up is a unit of the French 2nd Carabiniers. An 'elite' regiment prior to the revolution, I wonder how much their 'eliteness' had been diluted by the events and aftermath revolution. The French cavalry came out of it very badly in terms of quality of men and horseflesh, some regiments deserting en masse, but I expect that by 1799 they wouldn't have been any worse or better than the rest. Of course, they didn't serve in Holland in 1799 but I like the figures, so....
Finally, two broken down beer carts from Alternative Armies. These are great little pieces from their fantasy range and would be perfectly at home on any historical war-game from the 16th to 19th centuries I reckon. Of course, my armies are often to be seen in retreat so this will look especially great to the rear of my lines as the army crumbles around them in defeat. I just need to find my two drunken soldiers to add to the overall image.

The AMG Weekend 2017, The Movie!

Tony, one of the attendees at the above event has produced a video which can be found on YouTube by clicking on the following link. Great job Tony!

Any similarities between the characters in the movie and real people are entirely coincidental 😜😉

Saturday, 8 July 2017

A bit of a clear out ....both in my head and in the cupboard of doom

I've decided that I am not going to start on any new periods (although expanding and diversifying is allowed, e.g. Persians to fight the SYW and FRW Russians) so shall be putting a vast amount of lead onto eBay over the coming weeks. I've also decided that with the exception of surplus units I won't sell any of my painted collections as even if I only game with some of them infrequently compared to others I still had the pleasure of putting them together and you can guarantee that as soon as I sold something I'd want them back for a new idea!

This week it'll be a large number of unpainted Ebor Miniatures Great Northern War Swede's. Off the top of my head there are 12 infantry battalions of around 20-24 figures, 12 cavalry or Dragoon squadrons of 6 figures each ( the command packs give you the choice of a drummer or trumpeter), 2 packs of commanders, a couple of storming parties and 2 or 3 cannon with crew. And a Charles XII figure. There may be some other bits as well.

If anyone fancies starting a GNW army then do let me know as you will be getting a bargain. You can use the email contact me facility on the right of the page.

Also, I am finding it increasingly difficult and sometime nigh on impossible to paint as much as I used to due to my arthritis. I can't sit for long and I'm finding even holding a brush difficult after more than twenty minutes. So, figure painters out there be aware that I shall be farming out what little of my lead mountain will remain to be painted for me, including those bloody Sikh Wars Gorchara cavalry and the Bengal/Bombay Light Cavalry!

Monday, 3 July 2017

The Helder Campaign 1799 "A Waste of Blood and Treasure"

I was given the heads up about this book being in the pipeline a while ago but my mate John the Red alerted me this evening to its publication this weekend.

It can be found on Amazon either as an ebook or as a real book.