Wednesday, 16 August 2017

More troops reporting to barracks

My crusade through the backlog of painted but not yet based figures continues and this morning I completed some more units for the French Revolutionary War project. The cavalry all need flags of course.

First we have a regiment of Saxon Cheveaulegers. The figures are from Casting Room Miniature's 1806 range but they will do nicely for the late 18th century too.

Next, and definitely for the War of the 1st Coalition in Flanders, a composite Household Cavalry regiment made up of a squadron each of the Life Guards and Horse Guards. I know the latter served in Flanders (and were even issued breastplates!) but I don't think the Life Guards did. Nevertheless, I thought they'd look good on the table. The figures are by Front Rank.
 Another British unit, the 15th Light Dragoons. Front Rank figures again.

Finally I've managed to get my Austrian grenadiers based up. There are two battalions, the one on the right are Eureka and those on the left are weedy Foundry figures. I quite like the way they look although whether they'll be any good on the table is another matter.

Now all I've got to do is finish off some limbers and guns for the English, French, Austrians and Russians.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Early Napoleonic Prussian Hussars

These figures are produced by FG Miniz (Forgotten and Glorious Miniatures) based in France. They do a nice range of 1806 Prussians (as yet incomplete) and some very good ACW types.

When I saw these advertised through Facebook I thought to myself that I must have a unit, and here they are, painted as HR7 wearing their pelises, except for the officer.

I don't know what I will do with them yet. They're not really right for the SYW as they've got overalls, but would do for the War of the 1st Coalition or of course what they were intended for, the 1806 Jena/Auerstadt campaign.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Just for a change some more new French, Emigre and Russian stuff

These are the promised Eureka (mostly) figures from a previous post. I didn't paint these, (they were done by Rob and Cheryl of Northumbria Painting Services at a ridiculously reasonable price per figure) but I based them up and added the flags, where they have one. So, what do we have?

Firstly, and by far my favourite, are the Moscow Dragoons for my Russian army of Czar Paul I. They didn't fight in Holland and weren't in Italy and Switzerland under Suvarov but they look great.

 Next are the infantry of the Mirabeau Legion, composed of French emigres. Pretty cool uniforms. These figures are Perry 90th Foot from their Egyptian Campaign range but they'll do well enough.

This battalion IS Eureka. A battalion of light infantry to bring my Demi-Brigade
Legere up to its full strength of three battalions.

Finally, a raggedy battalion of tattered French infantry, again Eureka miniatures. I shall use them to bring my last as of yet incomplete Demi Brigades up to its full complement.

Next time we shall have some more emigres, maybe a few Austrians, and some British cavalry.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Basing frenzy continues....

A couple more units finally got flocked and tufted this week. French Revolutionary War stuff of course (cos that's my thing at the moment, well this week anyway).
First up is the second half of my Austrian hussar regiment No 2 Erzherzog Josef, recruited from Elite Miniatures collectors range figures. I really like Elite figures but I know they are very much a 'marmite' thing. Well I like marmite. Here is the whole regiment.

Next, and Elite Miniatures again is the 2nd Regiment of the Legion de Rohan Hussars, one of the more effective emigre regiments, in the service of Austria. A simple yet colourful uniform, especially as the riders are wearing their pelise.
 Both the units were painted for my quite some time ago by my mate Shaun Bryant. To be honest, I'd pay anyone to stick on the separate reigns and sabretaches/scabbards/carbines. Aargh!

I am about to start basing some more Eureka FRW figures so with a bit of luck I should be able to post some photos tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Claymore 2017

We are having a bit of a long weekend break in Edinburgh at the moment and purely by coincidence Claymore was on Saturday. What're the chances of that happening..........again?

We arrived at about 11:00 and got parked ok despite the fact that almost all the clearly signed disabled badge holders' parking spaces were occupied by traders' vans! Naughty? No. Thoughtless? Yes. Well, now I've alienated most of the traders onto the report.

The show seemed less busy than I remember it from the last time I went in 2015 but was spread over three rooms so maybe numbers and space were deceiving. Of the rooms, the Attrium was well lit and quite roomy, and not too warm. However the more you plunged into the depths of the campus buildings the darker and stickier (and stinkier) it got, so that by the time you got to room three, which housed the bring and buy and a maybe three of four traders, it was pretty unpleasant, as it was the poorest lit room with very little ventilation. This is NOT the fault of SELWG as overall the location for the event is pretty good, with relatively easy access, ample (ehem!) parking, somewhere to sit outside in the sunshine if you were so minded to digest your scotch pie and chips, and as far as the rooms in use were concerned, as the song goes, "two out of three ain't bad."

On to the trade. Excellent. Can't say more really. A very eclectic mix of all the big names (except Foundry) and many smaller vendors. I have to say that I didn't go with a very long shopping list (a couple of books/rule sets, a few bits of paint, basing materials and mdf bases) but I had arranged to collect a few odds and ends that was pre-ordered, as well as a couple of boxes of figures that I'd had painted for me. I did get 'bounced' by Angus Konstam on Friday when he said he had 32 Elite miniatures collectors' range Austrian FRW hussars that he was willing to take £45 for, that I don't really need, but a bargain is a bargain as that's barely half the basic metal price.

We had a really good natter with many good friends and acquaintances, and shared a wobbly table at lunchtime with Charles Grant and other members of the A Military Gentleman forum. I didn't get to speak with everyone I would have wished to but time was not on our side as usual.

Anyway, the games. With a handful of exceptions there was not a great deal that floated my boat. There were some pretty good looking games, but so many others that I, well, I just didn't like. The photos below are of some of the games I did find interesting and appealing for various reasons. If your game is not pictured it doesn't mean I didn't like it.

 The top three are of a large and rather pretty Napoleonic game by the Border Reivers club. 
 The next one is of the game organised by the Iron Brigade gamers using their new ACW rules 'Bonnie Blue Flag'. I hear tell that the rules are very good, so I bought a set and will give them a good read through.
 The next series of pictures are from the massive refight of Nordlingen in the 30 Years War, put on by the Durham Group. The figures were great and overall it was spectacular but maybe the terrain could have been dressed up a little with some wargames ephemera? I do like a bit of ephemera.
 The League of Augsberg with not a floppy hat nor piker in sight, with some very large Napoleonic infantry and cavalry units.
Finally, two shots of a large game put on by the guys from Shetland. When I first saw it advertised I wondered what the wargames potential might be for a scenario based around the Daphne du Morier book 'Rebecca' then I realised it was about the Road to Manderlay!

So, overall I had a good day out and got to chew the cud with the great and the good. I am probably too much a product of my 'age' and am not a big fan of the smaller games, some even without figures, that one sees at shows these days. And I like to feel that lots of effort has gone into a display game and that it doesn't just look like a 'typical' club night battle, but I am spoilt. Yeah, I like Darkest Africa and Back of Beyond (I even bought the 2nd edition of Setting the East Ablaze) but they're on the periphery of my main area of interest which is proper old fashioned big horse and musket (with the occasional pike) games. 

Postscript: One of my more weird purchases on Saturday is a book about wargaming Balloon Warfare during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars so watch this space. I was also sadly reminded that I have enough troops to field 28mm forces for just about everyone in the Seven Years War except the French! Now how did I miss that?