Tuesday, 24 March 2020

So funny and appropriate for these troubled times!

I was randomly trawling through the internet this evening and saw this on Caliver Books website. You have to laugh! I have a copy somewhere I think.....

French Horse Artillery French Revolutionary Wars

Another unit completed today, a company of French Horse Artillery wearing (with a couple of exceptions) a tarleton helmet and long tailed coats. They look a bit smart even if I say so myself. The figures are Eureka collected at Salute 2019.

Of course my French don't really.need any more horse artillery but at least they now have them in several different modes.of dress and headgear. I think I've settled.on three gun models per company for horse artillery and four for foot artillery, but I guess it depends upon the scenario.

Back to the painting desk now to carry on chipping away at the lead mountain and the drawer of doom. But as they say, one can eat an elephant but do it in small bites, unless there's been a run of elephants in the shops and there are none left!

Keep safe.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Hanoverian 14th Light Infantry Regiment Skirmishers

As planned I've managed to get the skirmish bases completed for this unit. I've already got them in close order but as I use Gen d'Armee I needed them in skirmish order as well because as a light infantry regiment they can operate in either. These are all Victrix plastic Austrian Napoleonic Landwehr with a couple of early French bodies to add a little variety. I'm quite pleased with the way they've turned out although it may be a while before they see action unless I play something solo or can find a way using technology to involve another player.

It's been a madhouse by t also a very productive week. Even if I am locked up for 12 weeks I somehow doubt I'll run out of figures!

Hussards de la Mort

Formerly RSM Seven Years War Prussian Hussars.  I decided I didn't need a hussar regiment of 36 figures in my Prussian SYW army so added a load more skulls to this dozen, tidied them up a bit, and hey presto! The unit was never especially large but in my universe it is. Must admit they look better this way than in their previous uniform.
They've already been in action in the FRW campaign and will be again very soon.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Hanoverian French Revolutionary Wars Artillery

I unexpectedly finished these off this evening. I say unexpectedly as I didn’t think I had any spare suitable cannon, but a delve I to the box of doom produced these three, already painted red. It’s another company of Hanoverian artillery to join my  FRW forces. The castings are actually Eureka FRW Russians but they are a close match and look the part. I just trimmed the long pigtails and the rest is paint. They will be joining their comrades in arms in my FRW campaign and may well be in action very soon where they will hopefully acquit themselves better than “new unit syndrome” might otherwise dictate. I’m making steady progress through the stuff on the painting table. When that’s all done (Ha!) I can dig deep and get going on something else. But what......?