Friday, 20 April 2018


I thought it was time for another post so have decided to put up a few photos of my 1806 Saxons, the vast majority of which I purchased painted over a year ago. I got them for £5 per foot figure and £10 I think for the cavalry. Thats PAINTED which is an absolute bargain. The two combined grenadier battalions were painted by my friend Barry.

The figures are all Elite Miniatures and in total there are six battalions of musketeers, 2 of combined grenadiers and one of grenadier guard, accompanied by a regiment of hussars. The flags are from Adolfo Ramos. Sadly my painting is not up to the standard of these figures, and the commanders and some of the cavalry in the painting queue are Foundry and therefore a little short by comparison. I'm loath to sell them (even though I bought them during one of their 20% off sales and therefore might almost get my money back) and buy Elite Miniatures cavalry figures for the moment. A regiment each of cuirassiers and cheveau-legers would cost me another £140 or thereabouts. We shall see....

I finally have the joiner coming in next week to make the alterations to my table and to put up a couple of my old cabinets from the previous games room, so am eagerly anticipating that so I can hopefully have a game the week after.

I've ordered some new paints reviewed favourably in Miniature War-games this month. War Colours from Cypress. Once I've had a go with them I shall pass verdict. 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

At the risk of being boring, more 1806 Prussians

Two more battalions of Prussian infantry graduated from basing school and have marched into barracks. FGMiniz again with Adolfo Ramos flags. Painted by Northumbria Painting Services and based by me.

I.R. No. 29

I.R. No. 37

I shall continue working on some Saxon artillery and commanders this evening. Tomorrow I promise I will refrain from posting anything Prussian.

The completion of these units means I now have one Jager battalion, three fusilier battalions, two grenadier battalions and nine musketeer battalions ready for action.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

More Prussian Infantry for 1806

I wasn't able to post anything on Thursday or Friday as it was my 60th birthday and what with a big family lunch in our local (100 yards away) wine bar cum restaurant (The Vine, Middlesbrough, good food and they have some fantastic craft beers and gins behind the bar!), and a surprise romantic evening away I was otherwise occupied. However, all is back to normal now and I finished basing these two Prussian battalions this morning. The figures are from FGMiniz (Forgotten and Glorious Miniatures) and they were painted by Rob and Michelle of Northumbrian Painting Services a while ago.
I.R. No 40 'Schimonsky'

I.R. No 45 'Zweiffel'

I.R. No 40 again
I love this (currently unavailable) range except for the muskets and bayonets which are very, and I mean very fragile. I've had quite a few casualties but so far I'm keeping up with the repairs!

The flags are again off Adolfo Ramos.

Next on the painting desk is a battery of Saxon 12 pounders and two more Prussian infantry battalions are in line for basing. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Prussians and Saxons 1806

The basing department has been busy again and managed to complete two battalions of Prussian combined grenadiers and a battery of Saxon horse artillery.
Two grenadier battalions, painted for me by Rob and Cheryl of Northumbrian Painting Services.  Bases by me. The figures are Forgotten and Glorious Miniatures (FGMiniz) from France. I think they are fantastic except for the crappy bayonets, many of which have detached themselves during the painting process and no doubt will do so again when being used.
There's a bit of a story with these figures which are currently unavailable. Early last year or maybe even the year before FGMiniz posted on their FB page to advertise a massive sale on their 1806 Prussians; I think it was something like 50% off or slightly more. Anyway, the infantry worked out at around the 50p mark or slightly less each. So I put in a massive order of course, never before having the slightest inkling that I wanted a Prussian Army for 1806. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Foundry or Casting Room Miniatures horse artillery from their early Saxon range.  I can't remember what make the cannon are but they are examples of their rapid-firing 4pdr. Figures painted by my mate Barry of the Like a Stone Wall group. Bases by me.

I have some more Prussian infantry to base which I shall get cracking on this evening. I might even start a unit of something to break up the monotony of sanding, grassing and tufting.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Prussian infantry 1792

Several years ago I picked these figures up off a friend and they remained in a box until rediscovered during the house move. Now that I am working on an 1806 project I thought they should be based up and put into barracks in readiness for their first battle. As the title of this post suggests however, these figures are wearing the uniform worn by the Prussian army during the War of the 1st Coalition, e.g. very silly hats.

These figures are old Foundry from their early Prussian Napoleonic range (might be under Casting Room Miniatures now). The range, as with many, not just of Foundry's but also of many larger (for some reason?) manufacturers is incomplete but they are very nice if a little on the short side.
These three battalions will form a small brigade on their own in the army with two other Foundry battalions. I plan to use them for both 1792 and 1806; in fact I will be using the 1806 figures for 1792! Why not?

I only have another 16 Prussian infantry battalions to base up and I'm done! I should be able to manage four a day so not long now till the end. Whooppeee!