Monday, 27 March 2017

Fontenoy postponed

Sadly for anyone sat on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting the report of the game scheduled for tomorrow I've had to postpone it as I underestimated how much impact my operation was still having on me and overestimated my ability to get through a whole day yet without knackering myself. I am back at the hospital on Wednesday to (fingers crossed) have the wires cut in preparation for the insertion of the abdominal battery pack, so while at the moment with all the wires and stuff dangling from my side I feel a bit like a steampunk version of the $6m man, I will be glad to get the next phase over soonest.

Fontenoy tomorrow

What with one thing and another it's been a while since my last game (it'll be well over a fortnight by the next one). Actually, its actually working out better for me not having a game every week, and planning for one or two a month does appear more sustainable health wise. I also have more time to do painting and other 'stuff' without it impinging on our weekly domestic schedule.

So, on Tuesday we shall be refighting Fontenoy using Paul's 15mm figures and Honours of War. Paul and I played this battle a year or two ago using Black Powder and although it was an enjoyable game (especially as the Allies- me - scraped a narrow victory) it was missing a certain 'something'. (We also played it back in the 1980's or maybe early '90s with his long gone 25mm armies oblivious to the fact  that we would be looked back on in time as Old School!).

It won't surprise anyone to be told that I do like Black Powder as a rules system, with certain caveats,  but one does need to avoid playing the rules rather than the period. Honours of War are not perfect either but have served us very well for our last few refights so we shall see what develops. Fontenoy is certainly a bit of a toughie for the Allies (nothing different there then) but victory is not outside of their grasp.

On other matters, arrangements are in place for attending Salute in April and Carronade in May, all subject to my health of course.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

French Revolutionary War Lombard Legion

The latest recruits to the collection are five units of the Lombard Legion. I have two battalions of infantry, a third battalion deployed as skirmishers, a battalion gun and a squadron of hussars. The figures are all from Trent Miniatures and were painted for me by Northumbria Painting Services. As usual I did the basing to ensure it ties in with the rest of the army. I'm just about to start on a command base for the Legion once I've dug deep into my bits box for some suitable, er, bits to include on it. I also need to find a 4pdr cannon to issue to the gunners.

 I think the whole lot look great and I'm very happy with them. Whether their performance on the battlefield will make me happy is another matter of course.......

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Elephant in the Garage

A little gem of a find in the Mother in Law's garage this weekend. She has no idea why it would be there except that her late husband liked to make models and presumably acquired it for that purpose. I recognised it straight away. I never had one myself but it's an original 20mm Hinchliffe kit, complete with instructions, from around 1972/73 that retailed for about £2(this one has a price on it of £2.90). The elephants and the gun are great but the gunners are rather crude but have a certain charm. A recast model can be bought these days from John Cunningham for £18 but I wonder how much this little gem is worth? (Not that I have any plans to sell it!).

Saturday, 18 March 2017

A bionic wargamer but don't get the tv remotes mixed up!

On Sunday morning (tomorrow) at 7:30 a.m. I have to report to James Cook Hospital in Smoggyland (Middlesbrough) for an interesting little procedure to attach an electronic stimulator to my spinal cord (at L5/L6 or thereabouts, and I hope they know exactly) with the aim of significantly reducing my leg and back nerve pain. It won't cure me but it will hopefully help manage the symptoms.

I'm quite relaxed about the procedure (as I write this anyway) and have had to go through all sorts of physical and psychological assessments to judge my suitability for what is still an experimental trial. Its on the NHS but at around £20k a pop just for the hardware they have to sure I can cope with the implant in body and mind.

They normally only use a local anaesthetic for this procedure, with a generous dose of sedation, as its best if the patient is conscious throughout. I'm fascinated in a ghoulish kind of way. Shall I take a book to read I wonder......?