Bob Marrion Originals

I have been extremely fortunate enough to be able to buy three original pieces of artwork from the late Bob Marrion's collection. These scans just don't do them justice; they are simply beautiful. All three are of American Revolution subjects.

 Grenadier, Brunswick Infantry Regiment von Rhett

 Brunswick Dragoon Regiment Prince Ludwig

Musketeer, Brunswick Infantry Regiment Prinz Friedrich

15 November: I added these to my collection, four ACW subjects.

 Confederate Marines

 2nd Wisconsin 1861

 33rd Virginia 1861

33rd Virginia 1861


  1. Wonderful selection Colin. Is your plan to frame them and mount them in the Wargames room?

  2. They are fine pieces of work indeed. I was offered some of the first dibs on the collection and got to see several dozen. CSG brought a whole bundle to one of the LOGW weekends shortly after Bob died. Unfortunately I was skint at the time and missed out. They'll look great when framed.