Friday 30 March 2018

Following on from yesterday’s theme, today is Towarzysze Friday.

I have to say I love this regiment and it’s antecedents the Bosniaks of Frederick the Great’s army. I have a unit of the latter which has rarely seen action to date, and my somewhat impetuous decision to start building in secret an1806 Prussian army a couple of years ago meant it was a no brainier to include at least a ‘squadron’ of the Towarzysze (or however one spell or pronounces it) regiment. (In my little men world my cavalry is organised into battlefield ‘squadrons’ of 12 figures, although perhaps a squadron should be represented by just six?) There are some smaller ones of just six figures; mainly historically small units of (normally) light cavalry or ones which might find themselves split up into penny packets. (Or I only had six figures left in the box and didn’t fancy buying another six....or eighteen?)

So here they are, the riders (Elite Miniatures)painted by my friend Barry of the Like a Stonewall Group, the horses and basing by me. The latter are from Elite Miniatures Collectors’ range but I have misplaced (lost) the separate reins so couldn’t make what may have been a half-hearted attempt to stick them on. Many of the reins on similar units have already fallen off due to even only moderate handling during games so maybe I have saved myself some time. I just need to do some lance pennons; I have some in the flag drawer that'll do nicely.

Thursday 29 March 2018

Its 'Emigre Thursday!'

Two more French Revolutionary War Emigre units marched out of training and on to their barracks today. These were painted for me by my mate Barry and I did all the basing.

The Salm-Kirburg and Choiseul's Hussars.

The Choiseul Hussars were raised in 1794 and fought in Holland before being withdrawn to Hannover then the Isle of Wight. Some squadrons took part in the ill-fated Quiberon expedition and the remainder were shipwrecked off the coast of France en route to India and made prisoner. They were released as the British argued successfully that they were part of the Indian army. The regiment was disbanded in 1796.

The Salm-Kirburg Hussars were raised in 1791 and originally campaigned with the Army of the Conde until being taken into British service in 1794, joining the Duke of York's army in Flanders. When the Duke withdrew to Hannover the next year the regiment was disbanded.
All the figures are Elite Miniatures Austrian Hussars from the FRW Collector's range.

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Production targets are being met. FRW Emigres

The basing department has been busy today and three new Emigre regiments have been based up and sent on their separate one-way trips to either Germany, Quiberon or the West Indies. With one exception these are ‘Small’ units in Black Powder. The Salm-Kirchberg Light Infantry are just big enough to be a ‘Standard unit’. The figures are all from Trent Miniatures. I need to make flags for two of the units still.

Perigord Infantry
Rohan Light Infantry
Salm-Kirburg Light Infantry
I've been working on some more Prussian Schutzen bases today and will start basing up two small regiments of Emigre hussars this evening if I get a chance.

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Today's offering. 1806 skirmishers

I started AND finished these bases of skirmishing Prussian Fusiliers today during the course of a few short visits to the paint desk. I've got my painting mojo back if not my painting fingers, but they will do.

These figures will come in handy whether I stick with BP or give GdA a shot. Elite Miniatures, very much like Marmite, but I love Marmite. Maaarrrrrmiiite......yum!

Paint Desk: 1806 Prussians

Prussian Schutzen. I did these figures from start to finish in a couple of sessions on Sunday and Monday. ("we can tell"I hear someone say).
The figures on the right are from Ingo's Miniatures from Schilling Zinnfiguren in Berlin.  They're a bit wooden but quite appealing for all that.
Elite Miniatures Prussian Schutzen. 
Foundry Prussian J├Ąger. They are odd in that they are not in especially 'jagery'  poses.  These had been painted a while ago so I managed to get them based up Yesterday.

Back to the basing and I've just started 12 Prussian Fusiliers skirmishing which I expect to complete this evening.

Sunday 25 March 2018

Normal service will be resumed shortly so here are some pictures. (Just for Cookie)

The unpacking and sorting out of the troops after their long journey is just about over. No KIA, a few wounded, several who had 'lost' their pikes or colours, and so far there don't seem to be any deserters. The fleet also survived intact so I am very happy.

Readers will have seen the troops in my new glass cabinets. I rescued the old cabinets from the last man cave and some of those will find themselves on the wall of mega man cave (Northern HQ) during the course of the following week. 'Hopefully' I am also looking forward to getting my table extension done this week. It needs widening to 6 foot and I want a 3 foot drop-down leaf at one end to extend it to 15 foot. I also need to reduce the height by 6"

I've started painting some stuff but the main job this week will be in the basing department, where I shall make an attempt at finishing my 1806 Prussians. Below and especially for my mate Cookie from Australia who was getting withdrawal symptoms thanks to the lack of posts for over a week,  are some random shots of the collection as it stands now.

Prussian general staff. A mix of Forgotten and Glorious Minis, Elite and Foundry.

I've based some Aide de Camp figures on lozenge bases so they won't get mistaken for a command figure on the off chance that I have a go using General d'Armee.

Blucher as a young(er) man. (Forgotten and Glorious Miniz)
A heavy battery of 12pdrs in front and 6pdrs in the rear. I have a horse battery as well but they are awaiting delivery of their cannon. The heavy battery are Elite Minis and the light battery are Foundry.

5th Dragoons (Elite Miniatures)
8th and 12th Cuirassiers (I think). Elite Miniatures.

Three battalions of Fusiliers. The front two are from 'Three Armies' and the back one is Foundry.
Another squadron each of Cuirassiers and Dragoons (Foundry)
Hussars. FGMiniz 
A single squadron of Hussars painted by Mark Allen and picked up by me at a bargain price. (Elite minis)

Prussian infantry. A battalion of Foundry Jager, followed by three battalions of Foundry 1792 Prussians that I had knocking around,  then  four battalions of Musketeers and two of Grenadiers. With the exception of two Foundry battalions the others are Forgotten and Glorious Miniz acquired a couple of years ago when they were selling off their Prussians at 50% off or something ridiculously tempting. Five battalions are awaiting their flags, which are en route from Madrid courtesy of Adolfo Ramos who's flags adorn all my regiments.

I've kind of gone a little mad with this collection and found it difficult to be disciplined enough to stick to just one or two manufacturers. The bulk of the infantry (including another half a dozen battalions as yet unbased) are from the French firm FGMiniz. The Hussars at rest and most of the commanders also hail from this manufacturer. I had planned to stick with Elite Miniatures for the cavalry and artillery but a couple of 20% off deals from Foundry over the past 24 months put a stop to that idea! I want another four battalions of infantry to represent the Guard and will wait for Three Armies Miniatures to produce them.

At the moment the roll call stands at:
Cuirassiers - 4 squadrons
Dragoons - 4 squadrons
Hussars - 3 squadrons
Towarczi Lancers - 1 squadron (painted by no horses yet)
Grenadiers - 4 battalions (2 to base)
Musketeers - 17 battalions (8 still need basing)
Jager - 1 battalion
Fusiliers - 3 battalions
Artillery - 1 battery each of horse, heavy and medium artillery, plus battalion guns

The basing department will be working long into the night to get this lot done. I don't have a target date as such but fancy getting them on the table to fight my FRW French who will get  by as their 1806 cousins.

I guess I need to do some Saxons as well.....

Monday 12 March 2018

Reiver Castings Rumford 28mm Bavarians

Some time ago I was asked by Rob and Mark of Reiver Castings/Nothumbria Painting Services if I could think of any figures I might like to see for their new French Revolutionary Wars range. In a moment of madness and after much surfing the t'internet for information on uniforms I suggested they might consider doing 1790's Bavarians in their stylish yet appalling and very unpopular 'Rumford' style uniforms.

Benjamin Thompson was a scientist and former loyalist American officer who served as Lt. Colonel in the King's American Dragoons. After the war he moved to Great Britain, receiving a knighthood from King George III.  He later moved to Bavaria where he was appointed Minister for the Army. He reorganised the army and introduced a new uniform. Thompson's service to the Bavarian state resulted in his ennoblement in 1791 with the title Reichsgraf von Rumford.

The uniform was apparently never especially popular with the troops, as it was found to be uncomfortable and not especially hard wearing.  Thompson/Rumford is far better known as a scientist, particularly thermodynamics. He was a prolific inventor and among his achievements was the invention of the coffee percolator for use by the Bavarian army and improved more efficient chimneys for domestic heating. He even has a crater on the moon named after him.
Above and below are pictures of some samples of the first batch of figures sent to me by Rob which will be going into production soon. Cavalry and artillery are in the pipeline and I'm expecting some of the infantry in the post this week and will paint them up and put some further pictures up of the end results.  I already have around a dozen units of Reiver's FRW English, and these new figures will make a pleasant addition for those of you out there who collect and game the Revolutionary Wars. The figures would also do for some of the many French emigre units which had similar headgear. I fancy refighting Hohenlinden so plan to buy a brigade or two.

Monday 5 March 2018

"How I am filling up my new Man Cave" or "I need a bigger room!"

Snowdrift in the Dale last week. The yellow thing is part of a digger!

Well, thanks to the Siberian weather of the last week, to misquote Helmuth von Moltke "No house move survives first contact with the weather!" The removal men decided to come on Tuesday, a day early, to avoid the promised bad weather, only to have said bad weather also arrive a day early as well. Being hard 'Boro and 'Darlo' lads they got stuck in and actually managed to pack up about 75% of the house on three wagons and get out of the Dale before the snow closed the only road to civilisation. The following day saw even more snow so our stuff was delivered on Thursday. The 'stuff' included everything from the old Man Cave apart from my table which they couldn't 'walk' round to the back of the house due to deep snow drifts and the lads had not all brought their wellies like their mam's told them to.
My stuff arrives and took up almost the whole back of a Luton van!
Two big fans of the underfloor heating in the new Man Cave.
Chaos.....ordered chaos at any rate.
My 1866 armies put away very quickly and all in one accessible place.
 After some careful unpacking over the weekend and checking for casualties (very few so far and those largely pikes and flagpoles and a few figures which were detached from their bases) I've already managed to fill the three big display cabinets with almost all of my 1672 and French Revolution collections. Other boxed up figures are now arranged in piles by period ready to go either under the long shelves but mainly under the table, when it arrives.
My 1672 armies safely in barracks.

Some of the French Revolutionary War collection.
The rest of the FRW collection.
So as I write I have unpacked every box in the Man Cave. I'm not doing books yet but filling the new cabinets with figures and at least sorting the rest out into 'period piles' (sounds painful) feels like an achievement. All the houses and terrain items are also unpacked and at least some of the former and all of the latter have been put away. I'll feel better when/if my table arrives as much of what it cluttering the room belongs underneath it. Then I just need to think about my collection of hats and my paintings. And my ships.