Sunday 30 December 2012

Yet more Thirty Years War stuff......

Over the Xmas hols I have managed to stay sober enough to finish quite a few figures, but first up is a close up of my Imperial Harquebusiers.
 The Imperial forces now have a substantial artillery train of one heavy and three medium pieces. A mix of Warlord, TAG and 1st Corps.
 I thought I'd give the imperialists a sniper, as there was I think (I stand to be corrected) a fledgeling jager corps of sorts.  Anyway, nice model and why not...?
 A close up of the Imperial demi culverin - Warlord miniatures.
 The ninth Imperial regiment in my army.  Probably a good time to stop?
 Above and below are my markers for disorder and casualties. The casualty markers are from Warbases and I am really pleased with both sets, although the Warlord Games 'dismembered body parts' are a tad gruesome.

 Above and below show expanded Swedish brigades, I've added a third unit of shot to each brigade.Pictured are the Yellow and Old Blue brigades which  both look rather good I reckon.

 My demi- cuylverin with master gunner added.

Monday 10 December 2012

Yet more Thirty YearsWar Imperialists....and some Saxons

 I spent much of the last two weeks in a basing frenzy as my Imperialist Harquebusiers above might demonstrate. Six units of very nice Warlord figures.

I also finished two more regiments of Imperial foot. Both Warlord plastics. Once you/ve got them stuck together they are quite easy to paint - I set up the production line last seen with my SYW collection and got through them quite rapidly.

Above are some Saxon and Hessian horse. I bought these off ebay and rebased and touched up/repainted these Bicorne miniatures (mainly) figures.

I am currently trying to finish off my Imperialist artillery and Croats - hopefully by the end of the weekend and then have some Finish cavalry to start on plus dragoons.