Friday 29 November 2013

Games Workshop clear out ......and about time too!

Two weeks ago I put all my Empire GW Fantasy stuff on eBay, and 90% sold. I remember buying them when I almost ripped my leg off 7 years ago and they have only been on the table a few times, and never in the past 6 years. I have never played the new version of Warhammer but have heard they are very different, and as I have little enough gaming opportunities as it is and would rather play historical stuff I decided to sell. They are no use to me in a box under the games table and I have no real desire to have anything to do with the GW world any more for many possibly unprintable reasons. Even the paints and general hobby supplies are ridiculously expensive when compared to similar products, and the quality isn't there either, especially the paint. I'm now in the process of putting my treasured Vampire Counts army up for sale on eBay. No regrets as lovely as they are ( if indeed undead can ever be described as lovely), they've not been on the table for 5 or 6 years or so either. Recycle the money is my view. Hopefully they will sell as well as the Empire army did. And no rush really. What's a shame is that the figures are generally very good, but GW prices are madness compared to other figures of the same scale.

Sunday 24 November 2013

Smoggycon 2013

As promised I allowed myself an airing yesterday, thanks to Kathy who acted as my chauffeur, and paid a visit to Smoggycon in Middlesbrough. I'd been invited to take part in the Independent Wargames Group display game, set during the Italian Wars. I joined Rob on the Papal (Borgia) side, facing the Florentines under John and his son Neil. I have to say that the figures looked absolutely outstanding, as one would expect from Rob's painting.

The show itself appeared to be quite well attended, at least until after lunch when the punters seemed to melt away. Nonetheless, there was plenty of hustle and bustle in the both halls, loads of trade and a good range of demo and participation games. The Durham Pony Wars games looked good, as did the Battle of Trafalgar Square and the Gettysburg game.  I completed my purchases within about 15 minutes (mdf bases, static grass, some brushes and army painter dip but no figures!) so was able to devote most of the remaining time to playing the game or standing in the queue for something to eat. I had prepared some sandwiches the night before but they were still in the fridge at home, doh! It was also good to catch up with quite a few friends, some not seen for a very long time.

Back to the game, it was very enjoyable and incredibly frustrating thanks to the large number of failed command rolls, blunders and malfunctioning cannon batteries. The Papal forces eventually won, crippling then turning the Florentine right flank, making a dent in their right centre and holding off their left until it was time to call it a day. Thanks to Rob for the opportunity to participate in a cracking game.

I'm sure Rob will be putting some more pictures up on his blog soon.

Wednesday 20 November 2013


Well, there was an opportunity for a game the week, to put my new and (almost) completed Crimean War Russians and British on the table. Sadly, and rather ironically given the period, the game was postponed due to........rubbish weather and the promise of snow. You've got to laugh. Actually it does mean that when the armies do clash (hopefully next week) I will have completed the last regiment of the Light Brigade and the Russian 6th Rifle Btn, together with some additional commanders. I am looking forward to Smoggycom on Saturday, especially as I have a very short shopping list, e.g. Tufts, static grass and not much else. Looking forward to taking part in Robs Italian Wars game as well as just being able to get out after so long confined to barracks!

Monday 4 November 2013

Crimean War Russian Artillery

Fresh from the painting, flocking and tufting table are the artillery for my Russian Crimean army. There do seem to be rather a lot compared to the British but as far as I can ascertain, each Russian infantry division had an attached artillery brigade of four batteries, each of 12 guns. I've decided to depict Russian batteries with two gun models to reflect this significant difference from the British and French six-gun batteries.

The front row are two 'heavy' batteries. The middle row represents two 'light' batteries, while the last row are two eight-gun Cossack light horse artillery batteries, one of each being attached to my Hussar and Cossack cavalry brigades.

I have finished adding static grass to my Russian hussars and Cossacks and am in the process of doing the same to the (16) Russian infantry battalions. I have just found (although they were never lost as I'd forgotten I had them) a unit of Russian skirmishers to represent the 6th Rifle Btn together with two regiments of Uhlans. I really must get the last unit of the British Light Brigade done. Also the Heavy Brigade, as at the moment their commander General Scarlett has nothing to command.

Friday 1 November 2013

Great Northern War kickstarter from Ebor miniatures

I am seriously tempted by this new project. In fact, I have made a modest contribution already. It's doing really well with plenty of time to go. I have had an interest in the GNW for many many years and used to have quite a large collection in 6mm, but I sold it several years ago when I decided to revert back to 28mm for many what are probably totally illogical reasons, like, I can't see them to paint them, or why double up on terrain for 6 and 28 mm figures.....and so forth. Hope this link works....

Looks like my 2014 project is sorted already as well.