Recruiting Ground

12 January 2016 - Sikh Wars:

Many years ago I remember reading Donald Featherstone's book "All for a shilling a day", telling the story of the 16th Queen's Lancers during the First Sikh War of 1845-46. There were also some excellent articles in the wargames press covering the conflict as well. I never got any further than planning my armies (in 6mm, yes it was in the days when I had no money but good eyesight). Then a couple of years ago Studio Miniatures ran a Kickstarter for a new Sikh Wars range. This coincided with a rare and short moment of affluence so I signed up, putting my pledge to one side.

To cut a long story short the Kickstarter was a great success for Stuart and several months later my figures started to arrive. And what a lot there were too. I've been beavering away at them ever since but also had several regiments (about a dozen) painted for me by "Marching in Colour" based on Teesside. Almost all the infantry are now done, as are about half the artillery. My European cavalry and the 'regular ' Sikh cavalry are also completed. This year I hope to get the rest completed, I.e. The Gorchara irregular cavalry, the Bengal Light Cavalry and the commanders. I will post some pictures as soon as I've got some units based up.

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  1. Little progress I'm afraid to say. I have all my British, HEIC and Sikh regulars done, both cavalry and infantry. Sikh gunners are half done but the BLC and Gorcharas are a long way down the list. Oh, I have some Akali fanatics and Bengal Horse Artillery done but no guns yet. Slooooooow project.