My Background

I've been playing with toy soldiers and wargaming since I was about 10 or 11, with Airfix plastics and very simple rules based on the pose of the figures, i.e. lying, kneeling, standing etc. That's getting on for 50 years (51 as of today, 25 Aug 2019).  Before we moved to Durham I had a couple of years of gaming with mates in the upstairs of our local (only) war-games shop in St. Annes on Sea. We used the exposed floorboards and chalk, and were allowed to use the thousands of Hinton Hunt figures in the collection of the shop owner. 
My first 'proper' war-games club was in Durham in 1971, and I was a member until only a few years ago, even though I  only attended once in 2015. I formed the short-lived Durham Old Boys with Paul and John, mainly to do demo games, but well, we got older and wound it up. 
My main wargaming activity in the period up to 2016 was with the Independent Wargames Club - Robbie Roddis and John Reidy. We all have pretty good set ups at home so don't have a need to attend a 'club'.  I get to game, usually in my War-Garage/Man-Cave, with Robbie, John and a small but ever growing circle of friends about 2-3 times a month which is great. Since I’ve moved home the friends coming for a game have changed and increased, which is pretty good, as I enjoy hosting big hopefully fun games. Now we've moved again and I have an even bigger man cave I try to game twice a month when I can, often large multi player games.
Although I used to have large collections in 6mm and 15mm, my collections are now all 28mm:


  1. I've since added two more collections, the French-Dutch War of 1672-78 and the late French Revolutionary Wars, in particular the campaigns of Suvarov in Italy and Switzerland.

  2. Nice particularly like the leuthen fight 'nun danke alles gott'