Tuesday 14 June 2011


Well, with a bit of luck and a fair wind we shall be refighting the battle of Camden this evening. Rob and John are making the trek up the Dale to thrash this out using Black Powder. I've been messing around (in a very systematic way) with the troop characteristics to get the right 'feel' for the period and indeed individual battles, and to ensure that (a) the British regulars are tough enough tohave a chance of doing what they achieved in real life, and (b), the Rebel militia are as bad as they often were . With the latter its quite easy as you can make them wavering and/or unreliable and even reduce their melee dice. That, coupled with a numpty brigadier or two should do the trick. The British regulars are another matter entirely. Even giving them stuff like first fire, crack and stubborn hasn't been quite enough in previous games. I want to reflect their 'presence' on the battlefield in another way, so this evening they will be classed as large units with terrifying charge against militia. That way, they still die or get disordered as quickly as anyone else but they can take and give a little more punishment on the battlefield. I will rate their commanders higher than the rebels too - Cornwallis may even be a 10 (although not the same scale as applied to Bo Derrick!!!). I've set the terrain out (rather flat and plain but hey!) and deployed the troops in their historical dispositions so ready to go. Kick off is at 18:45 so just time to make something for dinner and find an excuse for a chilled glass of Chablis ;o)

I shall provide an AAR later.

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  1. I'm becoming more and more attracted by Black powder-despite the pricetag- got to get meone.