Friday 2 November 2012

Thirty Years War project hits the table......well nearly

Well, after a great deal of sticking plastics together and trawling eBay for suitable un/part painted figures I now have the beginnings of my Thirty Years War armies. I had originally planned to do it all in plastic but I found some amazingly good value metal figures on eBay, so the Swedes etc will be mostly Warlord plastics and the Imperial/Catholic League army will be largely metal. They all fit in very nicely so it doesn't (IMHO and who's else counts?) really matter. I decided to organise my foot as two wings of eight shot and 16 pike per regiment, all on 80mm frontage bases, although some regiments might have (will have) a third wing of shot. I will be using Warlord Games Pike and Shotte rules cos I like them......

Pictured are two Protestant Brigades, one Saxon and the other Swedish, all Warlord games with flags off the Grimsby Club site. There is also an Imperial brigade, metals, mainly Bicorne I think but they are v nice. One unit has Maverick flags, the other has flags from 1st Corps. I have a few Maverick flags but  will probably not use them apart from the cavalry ones as I actually prefer the brighter paper ones. All the figures have been painted with just the main colours blocked in plus a little bit of detail to faces etc. I then applied Army Painter and there you go. I am really pleased with the end result.

Next up will be some commanded shot, guns, generals and of course loads of cavalry. I have 36 Warlord cuirassiers (six squadrons) to base up for the Imperialists and 48 Swedish and 18 Saxon horse to do likewise. On the painting table are 12 more Cuirassiers, 12 Croats and 24 Imperial Harquesbusiers to even the odds. Almost done are three imperial and three Swedish regiments.

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  1. I can see why you are pleased with what you have so far produced: very fine units, all of them.