Sunday 17 March 2013

Battle for Warsaw (in Polish)

I picked this DVD off Amazon recently. It tells the story of the Russo-Polish war in 1919-20, in particular the campaign leading up to the defence of Warsaw. It's in Polish but has English sub-titles and instructions and is rather good. It has lots of quite realistic i.e. gory, action, cavalry charges, aeroplanes bombing Marshal Budeny's 1st Cavalry Army, fatalistic White Cossacks, bullying Commissars, Bolsheviks with bad teeth (or no teeth), FT17 tanks, silly armoured cars, and mass bayonet charges into the face of machine guns (by both sides but the Poles have an heroic priest to urge them on, cross in hand, till he gets killed). The main female lead is quite hot too! I enjoyed it and it got me thinking about adding to my Russian Civil War armies with a Polish contingent. We shall see.

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