Saturday 11 May 2024

3D Printing in Bangalore

 I found I had few .stl files on my laptop so after shopping around and struggling with the language and cultural issues of explaining what wargaming is, I found a guy who normally prints stuff for hospitals, the aerospace industry and things like that. He was up for a challenge so he ran these off for me and I am very happy with them all.

The two shots of houses are Leipzig townhouses from
They’ve been printed in 1/56 scale. I gave up trying to explain that I would like them rescaled to 1/72 so they’re a little larger than I would have liked but as well as the buildings shown they printed out some extra floors, initially as test pieces but all perfectly useable with a scratch built roof. Very reasonable price compared to buying them in the UK ready printed (about half the cost). We were coming here anyway so no need to factor in the cost of the flights!

The houses were done using FDM on a printer with a very large print plate (18” x 12”). They ran these Piano Wargames Miniatures  early Napoleonic Hessians off in resin. There are two battalions of 32, some skirmishers, a dozen cavalry, a battery of two guns and crew plus some mounted officers. They’re 28mm and as good as anything I’ve had from the UK, if not better in some cases. They worked out at a little under £1 a figure so while I can get them cheaper at home I don’t have the often long lead in times. Of course if I could get my own printer fixed…..but I need the space and don’t like the mess, not to mention impatient. I’m messy enough as it is without dollops of resin all over the place!

We are also speaking to some art students we have contacts with through the family network and so forth before we return, to see if they would be interested in doing some painting for me next time we visit. Guaranteed to be very affordable although I’d need to factor in getting the paints and materials to them. Not an insurmountable problem and worth exploring for the next visit probably in the new year.

Exciting isn’t it.


  1. Very decent prints there with the buildings, but can't warm to resin figures. Almost as bad as plasasstic imho. Have you seen the Atlantic set with washing lines, civilians etc? They'd be ok for several periods I'd think. (hint)

  2. Do hope you are having a lovely time in Bangalore. Good to see you are still managing some wargame stuff 3d prints etc. Very gung ho. Looking forward to your return and inspiring battle reports.