Tuesday 9 July 2024

A Smorgasbord of Danish and Swedish Bits

A few things managed to complete the passing out parade this week and find their way to their respective barracks. A bit of a mix- Swedish Lifegaurd Cuirassiers and Danish Guides (based for use as ADCs under GdA as I much prefer actual figures to markers any day) and a pair of Danish amusette 1pdr pop-guns to add to my growing collection. Bugger all use I’m sure and how to represent them in GdA but I will think of something. Here they are in all their shineyness. The Guides were used as messengers, scouts and so on, and included officers and other ranks. They changed uniforms from green to red in 1808 or thereabouts hence the two different uniforms.

The cuirassiers are from Eagle Figures down the road from me and splendid they are too. The Danes are all from Perry. I wish the Perrys had not just focussed their Swedes on the Finland campaign of 1808-1809, so as to include a wider range of units but we should be grateful for what they have done, especially my bank manager!


  1. Spiffing additions to the collection!

  2. These continue to add great looking units to your collection. But those guns are funny - more weight in the carriage that the barrels.

    Your posts got me interested in the Swedes and Danes and I have now acquired STL files for 6mm versions. Richard

  3. Lovely looking additions to your collection, the amusette may be pretty useless but they are great looking and make lovely little vignettes. Like the look of the Eagle figures too, they look great.

  4. A veritable smorgasbord of figures, they look great.
    The amusettes are my favourite.
    Alan Tradgardland

  5. Some very smart fellows there.

  6. The new units look great, Colin. Good to see reinforcements are appearing in large numbers!
    Dave J