Sunday 13 June 2010

Durham Show 12 June 2010

Well, for the first time in many a year I attended this small but friendly show as a punter rather than help stage a demo game. The show has been going in its present location since the late 70's and has always been worth a visit. Always seems to be well attended (except the year it clashed with the FA Cup Final!). Not much in the way of games this time though, although the two that caught my eye were the 10mm SYW game put on by the Old Glory gang and a very nice 28mm ACW staged by the Durham group.

Enough trade (for me anyway as I had a very short shopping list and much reduced funds having just dropped my car off at Kwikfit to get 2 new tyres!). I picked up some Reiver BUF cavalry for VBCW that I have just stuck together and will crack on with them after dinner when they have dried. I got home to some new Solway VBCW flags for the Northern Army. I can probably use no more than half a dozen as standards for Royalist troops (DLI, Northumberland Hussars) so if anyone wants some of the others just ask.

Also had the chance to catch up with some old friends, remember how we (as the Prussians) got stuffed in a recent refight of Mollwitz using Black Powder. My set went on ebay the next day as while I liked the rules the first time I used them (and lost) I didn't think they felt right for SYW. (The fact that the Prussian Guard brigade ran away has nothing to do with it!). Best of all, got to chat with the real-life incarnations of a number of chaps off GWP who share an interest in VBCW. Their VCBW worlds border on mine so maybe one day we might see my Weardale forces skirmishing with the Chopwell Communists or Lord Lambton's private army? Would be an interesting development methinks?

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