Sunday 15 August 2010


Its been a funny old week. Not much painting has gone on but it happens that way sometimes. I got a bit fed up of 28mm so started rooting through my lead mountain and came across enough strips of Bacchus 6mm Streletz to make up 4 btns for my Russian Great Northern War army, as if I needed any more of course? Managed to finish them quite quickly and just need to do the bases whch will probably be harder than the figures themselves! I've not had my GNW figures out on the table for a year or two but they are very nice so here are a couple of pictures of some of my Swedes. As well as Swedes I have lots of Russians (of course) and enough Saxons for anyone, plus a few units of Poles (Winged Hussars, etc). I'll get them all on the table again one day I hope, although I still have about 6 btns of Russian infantry, several Russian dragoon rgts and 5 or 6 rgts of Saxon horse to do one day...
Had a second sift through the bottomless draw in my games room and found a few odds and ends that escaped the last purge. They will be on ebay soon. I also found some more 28mm SYW figures lurking in a corner. Looks like there is a btn of RSM Prussian infantry, a regiment (24) of hussars, half a regiment of Prussian dragoons, a btn (36) of Foundry Russian Corps of Observation, a dozen cossacks and what looks like enough for a btn of dismounted Russian dragoons plus lots of wagons and odds and ends, commanders and figures for those vignettes I never got round to, e.g. dancing bear, preacher, orthodox priest.
Still not clear what to do as my next project. Gone off the idea of Sikh Wars as no matter how nice the available figures are in 28mm (Old Glory and Foundry) I don't have the space, time or money and I don't like the old Freikorps 15mm range. So, something in plastic perhaps? I might even throw in my lot with John, Rob and Neil and get some FoW (have to be early war though). Whatever I decide I have promised myself that I won't buy anything else until the VBCW project is finished. Better get painting then!!!!!!!

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