Wednesday 2 March 2011

More Continentals, Hessians and other stuff

Well, no game last week or this as I have put my back out again. Certainly no chance of me being able to bend forward over the table for a while yet (stop sniggering you smutty people!). Sitting down for prolonged periods is also painful (I said stop sniggering!) but I have managed to finish a few units over the last two or three weeks, so with my senses dulled by some lovely opiates and a week of daytime TV, here are some pictures.

The figures in the top photo are the new ones I picked ip from Old Glory at York. They paint up very nicely and although quite delicate fit in with my Perry stuff quite well. Second are my Hessian von Bose regiment. Perry figures. Very nice. I also completed two southern militia regiments (the rear ones) so now have a nice North Carolina militia brigade of three batallions. Finally, some dead and wounded. I liked Der Alt Fritz's idea of using them to mark where stands of figures were removed and casualties used to depict the flow of battle. Not sure the budget can run to many more though!

Time for another Tramodol............

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