Sunday 10 April 2011

Easter holidays

Since my last post at the end of March I have hardly had the time or motivation to paint anything and even less time to have another game. Just one of those things I guess - a combination of being busy at work, my stupid bad back and other stuff.....although I have written up a few American Revolution scenarios to fight using Black Powder. Anyway, On Tuesday evening I am going to Egypt on a Nile cruise for a week. Can't really take any stuff to paint but I must trawl amazon and see if there's anything interesting I can put onto my Kindle. My main fear is that I will return with an insatiable desire to start an ancient Egytptian army, especially as by the time I get home Warlord Games will have released their 'Hail Caesar' rules and a copy should be on my doormat. I received book 3 of British Grenadier scenarios last week, and althougb I am not a particular fan of the rules, the book itself is very nice indeed! Meanwhile the painting is mounting up as I have several units on the go at the moment - British Legion, Lee's Legion dragoons and infantry, Armand's Legion infantry and some Hessian generals. Anyway, I'd better go and look for my pithe helmet............

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