Thursday 12 April 2012


We mety up at John's this week and played another Washongton's Army AWI game using John's lovely 15mm Peter Pig armies. I was the rebels and Rob played the British, who were the defenders in this scenario.

My plan involved advancing most of my troops on my left, leaving a weak centre and an fairly strong (how wrong could I have been?) right flank. Sadly, and to cut an embarrasingly long story short, my steamroller on the left took its b****y time in reaching the British lines due to some rubbish command throws, whilst in the meantime my centre was struggling to hold on against stronger and better British troops supported by two guns. My right was held by a militia brigade which, due to some poor deployment on my part was crumbling away, as my worst troops were the ones I had managed to get in close with the british in trying to drive them out of the built up area.

My advance on the left took so long that Rob managed to get enough troops in my way to hold me back, although I did capture my primary objective (the church) - no thanks to the Indians who had little interest in getting above a slow crawl (possily literally) for much of the game. (In 'the plan' the indians and my cavalry were to have rushed forward and captured the church leaving my continental brigade to sweep round on the British centre, which was supposed to be distracted and drawn out of position by my weaker centre, in a massive punch to the kidneys.....). Well von Molke hadn't yet been born so we didn't have the benefits of his wisdom when it comes to 'plans not surviving first contact with the enemy'.

In the end we called it a day and a British victory. My plan was flawed and my dice throwing was even worse than Rob's. Never mind - I like the rules although the turn sequence takes a bit of getting used to and I'm not sure they reflect the period any better or worse than other rule sets. That doesn't matter as it was a fun game and the first time all three of us had got together for quite some time.

If we get a game in next week I'm hoping I can put on the other half of the Brandywine game. Failing that we have the inaugural game in Rob's new games room to look forward to.

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