Monday 28 May 2012

New project for 2012

Well, (almost) all of my AWI and Seven Years War stragglers are now painted so I decided that with half term coming up the time was right to consider another project. Has to be 28mm as I only have terrain and building in that scale and ideally something that won't get too out of hand like my previous projects. I did consider doing the 1st Carlist War - nice figures, interesting and colourful uniforms, and suitably different to my other stuff but having proced up two armies plus suitable buildings I decided that it was going to be a costly exercise. I came to the same conclusion about the Crimean War, again in 28mm although the factor that knocked it off the top of the list was the prospect of painting more redcoats again! I've been rambling on about doing the Thiirty Years War for a couple of years, so I sent off for a box of Imperial infantry to see what they're like. It took me about an evening to assemble the figures (+/- an hour or so as I really can't remember and the task of cutting and sticking plastic figures together had to be supported by a few glasses of chilled Chablis). Despite the wine, the figures all went together without mishap and I have primed them using Warlord Games' red spray which has covered them a treat. Inspired by my glueing skills I have now ordered an Imperialist starter army and the same for the Swedes. I'm looking forward to making a start on the first unit later this week by which time the other stuff will have arrived, I hope. I missed Triples due to a bad back and too much practical parenting going on - daughter stressed out doing AS exams, otherwise I might have bought the troops there. Durham Wargames group have their show in a couple of weeks time so I might be tempted to drop in, but as the show is almost devoid of games (two in total which is a little short sighted and appears to be cash driven) I very much doubt it. The only trader I'd be interested in would be Dave Thomas so I could rummage through his scraps box for suitable casualty figures. A wargames show without games (or just two) is like a pub without beer, a museum with no exhibits and just a souvenir shop, or,, I digress.

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