Friday 24 May 2013

A quick update and other things including Cossacks

Since rejoining the Durham club I have been able to take part in some really enjoyable games and last night was no exception. I've been slotted into a Seven Years War campaign and I found myself acting commander of the French facing a Hannoverian/Hessian army. Last week the French field army withdrew following a defeat by vastly superior Allied forces ( at least in dice throwing ability if not quite in numbers!); Dave (Jarvis) had a great plan that didn't survive contact with the enemy (heard that before somewhere?). The French were pursued and rather than risk being bottled up and possibly captured in a nearby fortress they took to the field again, slightly reinforced but also somewhat demoralised after their defeat. Anyway, we are half way through the battle, and after an interesting setup that saw the bulk of each army on their own left flanks with only light forces on the right we are slowly closing together, with the French right doing excellent work in holding up the Allied cavalry. No photos this week but I will see what I can do for the next post. Oh, using the Der Kreigkunst ruleset. Not my favourite as they're a bit too slow and clunky for my liking but they work and do add a definite level of frustration to the game.

I have also finished a unit of Cossacks (TAG figures) for my Polish mid-17th C army. Only got another 72 cavalry to go, plus generals and other bits, and they will be done!


  1. If you're currently going regularly to DWG I'll be seeing you there in the near future. It's good to hear they've got someone "into" the 7YW too.

  2. Colin, surely you mean "great plans don't survive first contact with Dave Jarvis". The man has a reputation to maintain y'know!