Saturday 31 May 2014

Inventory, Part 1: The Seven Years War

Since becoming almost retired i.e. just waiting for the paperwork to complete, I've had much more time to devote to gaming, and painting, and of course, buying little men and adding to the drawer of doom in my games room. In a rare morbid moment, together with the fact that I am rapidly running out of space, I thought it'd be a good idea to list my entire collection so that whenever the time comes, hopefully a long long time in the future, my partner and daughter will be in a better position to clear the lot on eBay or sell to my grieving wargaming buddies and then enjoy the proceeds without being ripped off! The 'hard' copies of these inventories have conservative values for the collections and unit types. I could have bought myself a small South American country!

So here we go with the first bunch, namely my Prussian and Russian Seven Years War. I started these in about 2005/06 (I think) in response to Rob starting to build up Austrians and French SYW armies. Almost all the Russians came from Dave Thomas' 'gash box' at £5 a blister or when Foundry had their 25% off sales.

The codes represent the manufacturer, so F = Foundry, M = Minden, H = Hincliffe, R = RSM, BH = Black Hussar, FR=Front Rank, E=Eagle, OG=Old Glory. I have to say that if I had my time again I might try to stick to RSM, Black Hussar and Minden but overall I quite like the mix, and I find it hard to resist Foundry when they have a sale! There are plenty of pictures of my collection dotted throughout this blog so I've not added any more pictures for now.


3 x 30 man Cuirassier regiments. 2R/1H
1 x 18 man Cuirassier regiment (Garde du Corps) F
2 x 24 man Dragoon regiments F/R
2 x 36 man Hussar regiments R
1 x 12 man Bosniak Lancers H
1 x 12 man Von Kleist Uhlan Friekorps H

3 x 36 man Grenadier btns 2M/1F
8 x 36 man infantry btns R, M,
1 x 36 man Friekorps infantry btn F
1 x 8 man Feldjager corps F
1 x 24 man Von Kleist Croat Friekorps Btn F
1 x 12 man Von Kleist Friekorps J├Ąger btn M

3 x Heavy guns/Howitzers and crews  with limbers F/R
4 x Field guns and crews F/R
8 x light guns and crews F/R


2 x 24 man Cuirassier regiments F
1 x 12 man Cuirassier regiment F
1 x 24 man Horse Grenadier regiment F
1 x 12 man Dragoon regiment FR
1 x 24 man Hussar regiment F
1 x 12 man Hussar regiment F
1 x 12 man Cossack regiment E

3 x 36 man Grenadier battalions F
5 x 36 man line battalions F
3 x 36 man Observation Corps battalions OG
1 x 36 man dismounted Dragoon regiment F
1 x 24 Pandour regiment F

6 x Heavy guns/Unicorns and crews with 3 limbers F
4x field guns and crews F
5 x light regimental guns/mortars and crews F

There are also numerous commanders and vignettes for both armies.

Unpainted I know I have the following units in the drawer of doom!:

2 x Prussian line infantry battalions BH/R
1 x 12 Prussian Von Kleist Friekorps Horse Grenadiers F
1 x 12 Prussian dismounted hussars F
1 x 12 Prussian dismounted von Kleist horse grenadiers F
1 x 12 Schaumberg Lippe Carabineers E
1 x 24 Russian Hussar regiment F
1 x 12 Russian Hussar regiment F
1 x 12 Russian Cossack regiment F
4 x Russian heavy guns and crews F
2 x Russian light regimental guns and crews F

Whether I will ever get round to painting these is a big question. I do want to get the Russian hussars and Cossacks done, as well as the Schaumberg Lippe Carabineers, even if the unit will be ten times bigger than their real life counterparts! They will do for the my 'imagination' of the Principality of Prunz mit Kurstadt.

These were the first armies I bought when I upscaled back to 28mm and sold off all my 6mm collections. I appreciate that listing my stuff might be seen by some as being a little self-indulgent, but its been a great help to me on focussing on just how many little men I have and wondering how the floor in my games room has not collapsed into our bedroom!

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