Tuesday 4 November 2014

New games room and table ready for action!

Yesterday saw the completion of my new table. The man cave is also just about ready for use; I just need to sort everything out, fill the display cabinets and put some pictures on the walls. There's loads of space on the shelf under the table for all my stuff, indeed there's plenty of room for more stuff!

The table is 5' x 12' which while not as wide as my previous one is longer, higher and far sturdier. 5' is wide enough I guess, even for the massive Black Powder and Pike and Shot games I play. Another big advantage that it is well lit, heated and everyone can stand up straight without cracking heads on the ceiling. I can fit a 2' extension to the table if I really wanted to.

I have a new terrain matt on its way as the old one, apart from being too small for the new table, has seen better days and hasn't really survived the move.

I'll be glad when I can get back to some painting and especially basing as I have lots of troops completed but in need of basing. I will still be keeping my painting station upstairs in the 'office' so I don't have to disrupt the production line whenever I have a game. Now, where did I put my backdrop??????