Tuesday 2 June 2015

A Military Gentleman Partizan game

We got back from Parizan yesterday bringing to a close what can only be described as a truly inspiring and enjoyable weekend.  The game was visually stunning and Graham had pulled out all the stops to ensure that the game ran as well as it was planned. Katherine (aka the boss) couldn't believe that with few exceptions most of us had never met before, let alone gamed together.  We were fighting the twin battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras but with the clock turned back to the mid-18th century.

The cast and crew, members of the A Military Gentleman forum.

The Prussians await the massed French onslaught at the start of the day on the 'Ligny' table.

The Prussian left flank - my gallant Prussians!
Above and below, thousands of French on the move!

Above and below, the 'Quatre Bras' table.

The French assault on Ligny village.
Damned Arquebusiers de Grassin! They disrupted the Prussian front rank and made a complete nuisance of themselves until cut down by a blast of canister down their flank. 
The Prussian-held salient in the centre under pressure.

Prussian cavalry on the left flank.

The French assault led by the Grenadiers de France. They also led the retreat of the French first line, what was left of it!

John Ray's outstanding Prussian dragoons

The Prussian left gave way slightly but held in the end
Man of the match went to the Freikorps von Kleist dragoons who held off everything the French could chuck at them and sent them reeling back across the brook.

The fight for Ligney village intensifies but the French are held.
Above and below, the French fail to make much headway against the English forces holding Quatre Bras. 

In the end the French were held at Quatre Bras and at Ligny but the arrival of d'Erlon's corps on the Prussian flank resulted in the Prussians having to make an orderly withdrawal.

I didn't get to look round the rest of the show much but it seemed very busy. I can't comment on any of the other games but nothing looked as good as ours (of course). It was great to meet John Ray, John D, Mark, Phil, Gary, Charles, Jim, Dave and Neil to name but a few. Thanks to Graham for organising the game and everyone who took part in such a gentlemanly way, and especially for making my better half so welcome. Roll on 2016! In the meantime I am on the hunt for some teddy bear fur.


  1. Very nice photos, particularly like the close ups, thanks

  2. It was a superb day and I love the photographs - especially since you've managed to make my French look so good compared to all the other figures on display. I hope we can repeat the exercise soon.

    1. Your French are very good. The camera never lies!

  3. Katherine? Why did every keep calling her Carol then? Or have I just completely lost the plot.

    1. No matter. I was certainly calling her Katherine, as did Charles and a few others I heard.

  4. Colin,

    Great photographs capturing a fantastic day.


  5. It was good to meet you at last, Colin, and to have a chance for a chat! The game looked super, shame about the poor lighting really though.