Friday 29 May 2015

Off to Partizan tomorrow

I head south on Saturday with my contingent of troops taking part in the AMG Forum demonstration game  at Partizan on Sunday. My wife Katherine will be sharing the driving and making sure I behave and we're giving Dave Jarvis a lift so he can man the rear gun turret on the journey.

I've been asked to contribute 15 battalions of Prussian infantry and 15 squadrons of cavalry, with one cannon.

Here they are parading on the Fields of War before embarking onto their transports in the morning.

The last photo shows the morning after the night before judging by the number of comatose bodies on the floor outside the pub. Frederick bidding adieu to the commander of the expeditionary force FM Moritz Prinz von Anhalt-Dessau and his staff.


  1. Maybe I'll see you there. Mind I'll be selling little men !!

  2. Andy, you may well, and thankfully I really do have enough 28mm SYW troops! Or I will have when I finish off whats in the drawer of doom.

  3. Safe journey and see you on Sunday

  4. I look forward to seeing them on Sunday

  5. Very nice to see you there Colin and the game looked the part, well done mate,