Tuesday 11 August 2015

Rossbach this week! With smoke......

If all goes well and we have no more excitement (of which more in a moment), Robbie, John and Dave Jarvis are coming up later in the week to refight Rossbach. Robbie will be kindly supplying the French but I have some Reischsarmee units and of course my Prussians.

Of course, the plans nearly all went up in smoke literally! Next door's garage had a fire, caused it is thought by an electrical fault or one of their kilns being left on ( he is a potter). The fire brigade came and dealt with the fire but my games room (which adjoins their garage) was full of smoke and the fire might easily have spread through the roof space. Thankfully no damage done so apart from the slight smell of smoke still all is good for the game. In fact given the lingering smell, the game will have a multi-sensorial twist! And we shall be using Black Powder rules as usual, suitably tweaked.


  1. And it's at exactly those moments when we all realise how little insurance we have for the things that have taken a lifetime to collect. I'm really glad that it was just smoke and nothing else - of course there is insurance to be claimed for smoke damage if needed.

    1. Hi Paul

      It's a pleasant bit of serendipity that I took out new contents insurance that covers my collection earlier this year. Looks like no lasting effects from the smoke apart from the current but diminishing whif of grapeshot

  2. My word Colin, that could have been a disaster! Glad all seems ok!