Thursday 17 September 2015

Zorndorf today

In an hour or so this game will kick off and who knows how it will end......? Just out of shot to the left is a long line of Russian cuirassiers and hussars that outflanks the Prussian right. These Prussians (well, the infantry) are not the same as those fielded in 1756/57 due to the severe losses the infantry took in the first two years of the war, so in game terms they're not as tough as those we saw in previous games. The Russians are going to be a hard nut to crack. Interestingly while the theoretical overall Russian strength was significantly greater than that of Frederick's army, once the cossacks and the troops holding their armed camp are deducted the difference is not so great, but still sufficient to give cause for concern to the Prussians. However, the Prussians fielded more cavalry than the Russians (on a ratio of about 8:5 or almost 2:1) and they had more field guns than the Russians as well!

We shall see how it goes.