Monday 5 October 2015

A few Saxons

My Saxon collection is growing nicely. Shown here are what I've got done so far. The figures are mainly Minden (most of the infantry) or Eureka (most of the cavalry with the exception of the RSM cuirassiers).

Robbie and I have plans to refight Soor and/or Hohenfriedberg next year so these will do nicely.

 To the left, the Prinz Karl and Prinz Albrecht cheveauxlegers. The front battalion is the Fusilier regiment von Rochow. The infantry with the blue flag is IR Prinz Gotha and the battalion at the rear is IR Graf Bruhl.
 In the rear, a squadron of the Plotz cuirassiers. Ahead of the are two converged grenadier battalions. The front one is Btn Pfundheller (IR Prinz Clemens and 'flank coys' of the Leibgrenadiergarde). The one behind is Btn Milkau (IR Konigin and FR von Rochow).

I still have another 12 cheveauxlegers (von Bruhl), 12 cuirassiers, and 12 Karabiniergarde to do plus 12 Uhlans and a final battalion of infantry (Graf Lubomirsky, almost finished). Oh, and some guns. And a few more commanders.


  1. blimey that collection grew quickly. Well done colin

  2. That is an impressive sight!

  3. Nice work,Colin,but that's pushing the meaning of a few to its limits!