Friday 15 April 2016

Salute in the morning

Looking forward very much to Saturday. I've planned out where to visit on my map of games and suppliers. I have some stuff (not much honest dear! Just Eureka SYW, Studios minis Sikh Wars Bengal Light Cavalry, books at Caliver) that's pre ordered to collect and although I deny it, my wife is adamant I'll bring more home than is on the I need any more? Yes I do! Speaking of SWMBO Katherine is with me this weekend to help me get through it all physically. We were supposed to,be meeting her brother and wife for dinner on Saturday evening but I suspect I shall be knackered.

The hotel we're at is grossly over priced based on my long experience when working of the pleasures of living in hotels week in, week out.

Anyway, I am seriously pumped up for tomorrow and looking forward to meeting some of my mates as I wheel myself around the show running punters over (lol).


  1. Enjoy your day Colin! Spend freely, you know a gamer always needs more. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts, as Phil and I gave up on Salute two years ago.

  2. I will David and I shall use my endorsement when being grilled afterwards :-) Not been since the 80's so worth a punt I thought. We shall see. Already saved enough in postage and customs charges re my Eureka order to almost pay the train tickets going down!

  3. Go and shop your brains out Colin, and take lots of pictures of the games and the dealers.


  4. Brain s pretty much shopped out at 12:00 noon.