Monday 30 October 2017

Re enacting the Helder Campaign 1799

Well not really, but tomorrow evening we are heading off on the ferry from North Shields to Amsterdam. The next day, en route to our hotel, I have managed to negotiate a detour through the sites of several of the battles of the aforesaid campaign such as Castricum, Bergen and especially  Calantsoog as I have plans for a game covering the (successful) opposed amphibious landing by the British at the start of the campaign. It’ll give me a good feel for the terrain which hasn’t changed that much in the intervening 218 year’s and I might even write an article if anyone would have it. Then we shall be staying at the old converted pre WW1 fort for a couple of days before heading south, possibly via Arnhem if I can swing it, to Antwerp. By some coincidence (?) we yet again find ourselves in that fair city at exactly the same time that the Crisis Wargames show is being held (4 November). It’s utterly bizarre but I have some stuff to collect from a couple of UK manufacturers and it was going to be quicker (in one case certainly) to pre order them to collect from the show. I need these items (largely terrain but also some limbers) for a game I am putting on at the end of next month so need as much time as possible to paint them.Good excuse if ever I had one. Anyway, the trip was planned long before I plunged into a moment of insanity and decided to organise this particular game.

So I hope I shall return armed with lots of photos of the province of North Holland and also lots of of photos of the games at Crisis. I’m looking forward to catching up with a few people I met last year and otherwise only know through our respective blogs. Ah, the wonders of the internet.

On the painting front I’ve not been idle as I’ve done miles of Early War Miniatures latex roads and rivers etc as the Last Valley stuff I have doesn’t really work now I’m back to using a terrain cloth with hills underneath. I’ve also been furiously painting up several units to complete my 1672 Dutch War armies, in this case mainly units from Celle, Hannover and Brunswick but also a new French battalion and artillery for all nations. Apart from the hazardous nature of dealing with regiments of figures wielding very sharp pikes it’s been an enjoyable experience, especially as  I’ve got plenty of band aid and a high pain tolerance thanks to my meds.

I shall report back on the progress of our expeditionary force over the course of the next few days.


  1. It sounds a great trip, have a fine time. I shall loook forward to your report and photos.

  2. Bon Voyage! Looking forward to the many pictures and reports.

  3. Hope you have a great trip and sounds like you're visiting some interesting places. Look forward to some 'photos from the trip and Crisis.