Saturday 12 January 2019

2019 New Year Wargaming Resolutions. A box too far?

I wonder how far I will get with these? Its a bit (very) late coming but here goes....

Readers will be aware that I’ve been busy painting over the last couple of weeks, trying to finish off all the units I have in the 1672-1678 'box of doom', and have churned out more than half a dozen assorted Savoyard, Papal, Saxon and Venetian units so I now have a respectable force of ten battalions and a cavalry regiment. I have one more foot unit, some dismounted dragoon’s and three or maybe four mounted units remaining, plus some odd cannon and crews, etc and they're top of the list for completion (the last foot unit and a regiment of horse were undercoated this evening). I’ve been rattling through these units at the rate of about three or four a fortnight, and to be honest the uniforms are pretty simple, so it’s possible. It would be quicker if I wanted units in white or grey, but I don't, not all anyway. It’s the basing that will take the time.

I also have two huge complete (90%) armies for the Sikh Wars. They’re all painted but they’re not based up, excepting a few units that have been stuck to their mdf bases. All that’s left to do before they can take the field is to do the bases for about 60 units, excluding artillery, finish off a few command bases and other tabletop ephemera and then they’ll be good to hit the table top. They’ve been painted and unbiased for probably four or five years which is criminal, especially as its one of my favourite conflicts! They're mainly Studio Miniatures with some Foundry and Old Glory throw into the mix.

While rooting around under the table to find stuff to sell on eBay I came across another box of painted yet unbased figures, this time five big battalions of 18th Century figures painted up as Spanish of all things! I think I did them for the War of the Austrian Succession in Italy but they too need basing and awarded their colours. As do the two regiments of Spanish horse I also discovered! If I choose to ignore the red cockade and make the flags removable they would all do as French, which indeed is what the castings were made as. Sounds like a good plan.

I also 'found' a big box of TAG Renaissance Poles and Cossacks. My 17thC Poles do need beefing up a bit,  not with Winged Hussars, but with others like Pancerni and Cossacks. There’s no rush for these though so they might well take a back seat for a while.

Rumour has it that Warlord will be bringing out plastic Crimean War Russians this year. That is both good and bad, as (a) I need more Russians, and (b) I hate sticking plastic figures together even though they are great value for money.....and (c) do I REALLY need more Russians?  I really probably  do need another eight battalions AT LEAST!

Finally, I want to get my 18thC French army started and finished, primarily for the Wars of Polish and Austrian Successions. (The Spanish will come in handy here when it comes to putting a force on the table), but also for the Seven Years War. My target date for these is November 2019 so I can reflight Rossbach again amongst others.

So, not much (hahahaha!) on the list really and I've not included finishing the odd FRW unit, especially Vendean rebels, and some of terrain items, but lots to keep me busy without going into self destruct mode. Of course the whole point of all this is to organise lots of games, frustrate my friends with a few difficult scenarios, shake some dice and play a few games myself, visit a few (fewer than last years probably) shows, and enjoy myself.

Next big game is on Saturday 19 Jan 2019.


  1. Great post Colin.
    Looks like another busy year ahead.

  2. Wow! Colin under your table is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of figures and projects. You have my sympathy and envy at the same time. Your comments:
    "Of course the whole point of all this is to organise lots of games, frustrate my friends with a few difficult scenarios, shake some dice and play a few games myself, visit a few (fewer than last year’s probably) shows, and enjoy myself."
    Is something I wish for myself this year. Bravo! and good gaming.

  3. I get tired just reading about your painting and basing fests...