Friday 18 January 2019

Neerwinden table set up

Well, I've just about finished laying out the table for the game on Saturday. I might tinker with it or tart it up slightly as it seems a little bare, but I doubt anyone other than me would notice, and I believe the battle field was fairly open ground. Once it’s full of figures it’ll look splendid I’m sure. I’ve had to twist, contract and expand the battlefield to create a 14 x 6 rectangle for the table. The town of Laer is just out of shot  to the left of the yellow 'B'. The yellow letters denote where the French will start. The Austrians are deployed from Oberlanden in the south, up through Neerwinden and north to Dormael. Not all the villages have been included, for space more than any other reason, but a couple have been merged into one BUA. There are one or two fairly good maps on line if you look hard, and I have the Via Victis board game which came in one of their magazines a while ago. (The same edition of the magazine had a chapter on wargaming Jemappes and Neerwinden which were very helpful).

I plan to deploy the troops on later this morning and finish off this evening.


  1. Table looks great Colin. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the game.