Tuesday 12 October 2021

Partizan 2021 - A Grand Day Out


Better late than never with this post but here it is at last. Sunday saw me hit the road to Newark for Partizan 2021, the first show I’d been to since Hammerhead in March 2019. Arriving at 11:00 a.m. there was no queue so off I went on the first of many circuits of the venue. It was also the first time I’d ventured out on my mobility scooter to such an event and I have to say I experienced no issues with inconsiderate punters at all; indeed almost everyone was very helpful in ensuring I got where I wanted to be, even the guy who’s foot I ran over! (I told him I was very sorry as that was how I’d ended up driving one of these machines! It was funnier at the time). There was actually plenty of space to get round the tables despite the crowds.

It was great to meet and catch up with so many friends and acquaintances I’d not seen since before lockdown, (even those I’d been studiously avoiding 🤣) although there were a number of friends who I know were there - David B - but I didn’t run into or barely managed more than a quick hello in the hustle and bustle of the show - Robbie. 

These figures are typical of the generosity of so many wargamers out there. The first person I bumped into was Phil Olly as we were entering the building and he very kindly gifted these dozen beautifully painted Norman cavalry, as he just wanted to pass them on. There were a few packs of unpainted figures as well so this could be the start of another little project given time, although I could never match the standard of painting.

The range of traders was good, albeit with a couple of notable absences, and I was parted from rather more money than I had planned on spending, but that’s the risk one takes going to a wargames show after almost two years of isolation, as buying off the internet just isn’t the same somehow, and certainly isn’t as spontaneous!

The standard of games on show was really excellent, with many that had clearly had a great deal of preparation and effort put into them. I forgot my camera so had to use my phone (which supposedly has a better camera than my camera….) and took as many photos as I could, and here are the 'best' of them. I’m afraid that they’re mostly out of sequence as I weaved a rather random route around the games, and I know I have missed a few, for example I didn't take photos of any of the participation games, or the photos were too poor to use, so sorry about that if your game doesn’t appear here. Where I can remember I’ll include the name of the club/group responsible.

A tremendous El Cid game. I’d just picked up some Fenland Minis 3D cast figures for this period which was quite serendipitous.

Honourable East India Co. Bombay Native Cavalry in a truly stupendous game.

A very colourful Seven Years War game
This game was one of several with seemingly dozens of little vignettes scattered about the tabletop.

This was a cracker! 40mm Seven Years War put on by Graham Hilditch, ably supported amongst others by another mate Stuart Insch, both from the far north of Scotland. The figures were all individual works of art, the buildings and the fort were all 3D printed (how many hours/days/weeks that will have taken!) and the terrain was simply great.


Crecy by David Imrie and chums.

Late WW2
Franco-Prussian War from the Republican part of the war, by more mates from the Like a Stone Wall group. Lots of lovely figures and again some great vignettes and attention to detail. This was a recreation of a real battle but its name escapes me at the moment.

WW2 in the Pacific - USMC invading an entire Japanese -held island.

WW2 Normandy

The War of the Triple Alliance by the Perry twins. Oh boy was I tempted....?

French-Indian Wars

Sikh Wars. The figures are from the collection of my mate Roger Castle.

Very nice Medieval siege

Dark Ages from my friends in the Durham Wargames  Group. Gorgeous figures. I wasn't always a Dark Ages fan but since I started on my Goths and Romans I've had the itch to move a couple of hundred years further along......
WW2 Western Desert in 1/72 scale.

Well that appears to be it. I know I’ve not recorded every game by any means but it’s no reflection on those I’ve omitted here. I struggle enough putting the one show game I do each year at Battleground and that’s just five minutes away so those game organisers and traders who travelled from the four corners of the UK should be commended for their efforts as the overall very high standard of games. I think for the shear WOW factor, my favourite has to be the 40mm Seven Years War game, with the Wellington in India, Franco-Prussian War and the Perry's games all coming a close joint second, but its all very subjective and relative. 

It seemed busy but not too crowded, but my only criticism would be directed towards first, the mask wearing policy, as precious few people were wearing them despite requests to do so and big signs at the doors, and the catering, where the queue was massive and moved very slowly. If you only wanted a cup of tea it could take 20+ minutes to get served, so perhaps another system would have speeded things up.

Loot wise, I picked up a couple books off Caliver that I didn't need, actually bought a book from Helion for a change, and  snared some terrain items from the Tree Fellas, Warbases and Iron Gate scenery, and some paint. In terms of figures I've already mentioned the 28mm 3D cast El Cid Spanish from Fenland Miniatures. They come with all the supports still attached but these can be removed easily and quickly enough, even for ten-thumbed people like me. I had planned on getting a few other (secret) things but they'd either sold out or the traders were not there. 

I almost forgot, but near the end of the day my scooter refused to budge. Plenty of juice and it was definitely on but apparently I managed to exceed the maximum weight limit for the bloody thing with all my purchases! How embarrassing is that?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to next year’s events here at Newark and shall hopefully next venture out to Fiasco in Leeds in a few weeks time. Then it’ll be Battleground in Stockton.

Finally a massive thanks to my long suffering wife Katherine who drove me to the show, then tactfully made herself scarce while I spent my pension. I wouldn’t have made it down to the show otherwise! (It was the longest run we'd done in our 'new' car, acquired in 2019!)


  1. Splendid array of photos Colin! How I missed you I've no idea!

  2. I thought standard of games was outstanding. My clear favourite was the "Wellington in India" table - the detail and quality of the terrain was stunning and the figures were lovely.
    A very good day out.

  3. Some great photos of some great looking games.

  4. Thanks for sharing Colin, I feel guilty not travelling the 3 hours to the show now. The quality of the games is superb it is clearly one of the best shows for people to demonstrate their collections.

  5. Thank you for a visual feast of fantastic wargaming Colin, I am going to have to visit these show.


  6. It was lovely to catch up with you both.
    You've taken some great pics!

  7. Thanks for the kind words on our India game, and a great report.

  8. Great write up and pics Colin. I intended going to the show but was unable to do so unfortunately.

  9. Colin thanks for the writeup and the wonderful photos. I have great memories of being at Partizan a few times and am very glad for you all that it has been able to get up and on.


  10. What a phantastic collection of magnificent tables - maybe more of wargaming-dioramas than actual gaming-tables? Anyhow - your blog is one of the best if not the best I have ever visited. Thank you very much! Cheers Fedja

  11. It was indeed a very inspiring show. A shame I didn't bump into you Colin (forgive the pun), I was running the Shadow of the Eagles game in front of the Caliver stand. I'm beginning to think I should abandon my fancy camera and stick to an iphone. Your photos are excellent!