Monday 24 April 2023

Mysore Palace. Stunning Victoriana.

 No trip to Mysore can avoid the splendour that is Mysore Palace. It is pure Victoriana, as the overall impression is one of the Raj in the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries. The grounds of the palace are impressively large, and the palace still provides a home or the current maharajah and his family, who, although the royal title and annual pension have ceased, now act as governors of Mysore (I think that’s how it works?).

Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, current Maharaja.

As is the norm, Blogger has totally reordered my photos, but I don’t think that’ll spoil the show, such as it is. There is a large Hindu temple within the main building but we didn’t go in as I don’t do bare foot.

These are all photographs of various largely internal aspects of the palace. It’s all been quite nicely restored in all its glory to what it would have looked like in the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries.  I think you (whomsoever ‘you’ are) will agree that it’s another awesome place. 

A modelling challenge if ever I saw one - and it is in hand for my return.

External view of the palace.

This door is solid silver.

Detail from the murals - Players Navy Cut!

The silver door again - one of several.

Inner courtyard 

A selection of nineteenth century cannon and limbers. Rifled muzzle loaders I think.

That then dear reader(s) is the end of the holidays snaps. It’s it been a holiday in the true sense of the word, more of total immersion into the culture, helped by my stepson’s extended family in Bangalore and Bombay. We are coming back at the end of June for six weeks for more family stuff and a spot of travelling, not sure where yet but not on the coast as it’ll be monsoon season. I am also bringing some minis and the appropriate paraphernalia to paint while we’re here, and if I get any new books to review from the gentlemen at Helion I will do so while on my travels.


  1. You have had a good time it seems. I've enjoyed your pictures, so thanks. Cow of the Day on Farcebook my favourite though.

  2. Your recent posts have been utterly eye opening, thank you for posting them!
    Alan Tradgardland