Saturday 13 January 2024

Roll Call: Prussian Army 1806 on Parade.

One of my favourite armies is my 1806 Prussians, 28mm of course. Here they are in all their glory. They’ve even won a couple of times! There are 21 musketeer battalions (including two Guard), three fusilier, one jäger and four grenadier battalions. There are also a few bases of schutzen playing at being skirmishers. 

Cavalry-wise we have three big regiments of cuirassiers two equally big ones of dragoons, two small hussars regiments and the Towarczy (?) uhlans. I’m a bit artillery lite but there are two foot batteries, a horse battery (each of four models) and an assortment of battalion guns. All are in 1806 uniforms with the exception of five infantry battalions in the 1792 silly hat that I picked up very cheaply. You can’t tell the difference on the tabletop.

These were painted by Mark Allen and pretty much given away to me pre-Covid, possibly when he was running out of food. Happy Birthday for next Saturday Mark! The lady on the left of the Cuirassier officer in yellow is Queen Louise, ‘the only man in Prussia’.

Most of the infantry are from the now defunct FzMiniz who were based in Paris. They had a closing down sale years ago now with foot figures coming in at under 50p each. A no brainer! The other infantry are from Foundry, a very few Elite, or Emperor Toad. The cavalry are from Elite, Foundry and a few FzMiniz. Guns and crews are Foundry or Elite.

With the exception of a dozen more hussars and a couple more battalion guns this lot is well and truly done, although I did treat myself to the two new command packs from the Perrys, as I clearly have too few generals!

I shall leave these out, well most of them, for a game with John the Red on Thursday for another Valour and Fortitude extravaganza.


  1. Really wonderful looking army; lots of variety and I love the basing.

  2. Nice army. Room for a few more though I'd have thought.😉

  3. With a Prussian army as magnificent as this, I wouldn't care if it was 1806 or 1792: I'd have it serve right through to Leipzig, Laon and Waterloo!

  4. What a magnificent roll call indeed Colin. I have a similar sized 28mm Prussian 1806 army and love getting them out. Your troops are truly magnificent.
    You wouldn’t have any spare unpainted vignettes from FG Miniz available for a distant admirer at all 😂.

  5. Superb parade, cracking looking army with some top notch figures on show.