Sunday 7 January 2024

Russian Napoleonic Army on Parade.

The Russians were out to play again yesterday so before I put them away I thought I should hold a bit of a parade as it’s been just over a year (15 months) since I started this project. If ever there was evidence of going totally over the top again then this is a perfect example.

Five regiments of cavalry and a load of Cossacks.

Three batteries of artillery.

On a knoll, some of the Russian generals.

Behind the guns and command stands are seven jäger battalions, plus out of shot the equivalent of a couple more in skirmish order.

I think there are five grenadier and 13 of musketeers.

As an example of uncontrolled buying over the past three, no four now, annual Foundry Christmas sales and finding some lovely 3D printed minis as well), I actually and guiltily have the following in the painting queue aka the box of doom:

Cuirassier regt x 1 (@30)
Dragoon regt x 1 (@30)
Uhlan regt x 1 (@30)
Cossacks  regt x 2 (@ 24 ea.) one will be a couple of sotnias of the Lifeguard Cossacks as they fought in Finland in 1808-1809.

Artillery x 1 foot and 1 horse battery (6 guns each) 

Limbers x 12 (the result of several years of trawling eBay for Russian Crimean limbers to use for both Russian collections. These are a priority.

Jäger x 3 btn (@32 each)  - One will be the Guard Jäger as they were deployed in Finland against the Swedes, and they are in production 

Grenadiers x 2 btn (@3 each) plus one in production

Guard Infanty x 3 (@32 each)

Musketeer btns x 3 (@32 each) including one in production 

YES! I HAVE FAR TOO MANY! I may well make a sensible decision and eBay the surplus……once I’ve worked out what is surplus and what is vital to the project. Doh!


  1. An impressive parade Colin ….but I fear you do have a lot in the lead pile 🙁

  2. That is a seriously good looking army, very impressive and loads more to do!!

  3. What a great looking army Colin. That is an amazing amount of work with some more to come. You have certainly gone in deep - wonderful!!

  4. Terrific parade Colin , another skirmish force?
    Alan Tradgardland

  5. That is one splendid host, all I've come to expect from your collections. But, surplus? What kind of daft notion is that? You probably need even more!