Monday 5 February 2024

St Petersburg Grenadiers Completed

Finally, the third battalion of this regiment is finished. I probably don’t need all three battalions as while they may have fielded three in 1805 I doubt they’d be able to put them all in the field in 1806-1808. They look ok en masse and if not scrutinised too closely. Each is 32 miniatures strong (31 actually as each battalion has amounted commander).

Anyway, this means that all (?) I have to finish, ie start, now are a couple (4)  of guards battalions in the shape of the Semonevski Regiment and the Guard Jäger Btn, plus another line jäger battalion and a few Cossacks.

The remaining unpainted figures will be put back into ‘reserve’ until such time as my Russian mojo reappears and I require or need any more, unlikely as that may seem. The last of the cavalry are well on their way to being finished, so I am starting to move on to a few more Swedes, some more French and some Spanish artillery and cavalry to add to Romana’s division in Denmark in 1807.

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  1. Nice additions there, but always room for a few more I'm sure.