Monday 5 February 2024

Vapnartak 2024 - requires improvement.


The first six pictures are of Mentana by Ken Reilly the Yarkshire Gamer. It looked great even if he was stuck off in a corner.

This and the following pictures are the only others I took. Medieval.

N Africa WW2

Ships. Nicely done 

It was the York show on Sunday. Conrad drove, with me as navigator and Matt as rear gunner.

I didn’t have very high expectations about the show and low as they were they were barely met. There was only ONE decent demonstration game by Ken Reilly, who gave us an excellent looking game depicting the Battle of Mentana between Papal and Garibaldini forces. The French were involved somewhere as well. Lovely figures al wit for a very niche subject. The rest of the games, with the exception of the ones pictured above, were either sci-fi or fantasy or just not very appealing. It was a wargames show ffs so lacking actual wargames in any numbers or of decent quality ought to have been a priority or so I would have thought? The trade was good and the place did appear very busy however.

The main reason for going was to meet up with various mates with whom I had ‘stuff’ to discuss, in this respect the show scored very well as I seemed to be almost tripping over people I knew. 

I bought a few more trees from Last Valley and some bits n bobs from other traders and that was it. Will I go next year? Probably.


  1. At Colours the games for many years have been very variable in terms of quality, with most attendees seeing it as a shopping trip with games tacked on. The only shows with to my mind top quality games are the Partizan ones, but then many of them, whilst inspiring, are way beyoned the means of most gamers on so many levels.

  2. Gave up on Vapnartak pre-plague, too far for day trip, wrong time of year to stay over, indifferent or repeat games largely, uncomfortably crowded, lacking social sitting areas and so on.