Sunday 3 March 2024

Hammerhead 2024

Hammerhead yesterday was an excellent if exhausting day out with John and Nigel. Arriving at just after 10:00 the place was very busy and remained that way for most of the time we were there. As readers probably know all the games at this show are participation games rather than the normal mix of these and the traditional demonstration game. It works really well in my opinion, even if the visual appeal is sometimes lost somewhat. The photos that follow are a mere sample of those I took and reflect mainly my preferences among the games on offer. I’ve not labelled them all but they hopefully give a good impression of the range of games on offer.

This Won the best game award. Like a Stone Wall and their 3d printed Aztec v Conquistador game.

The trade was as good as usual and as ever it’s amazing how much stuff I saw that I didn’t know I needed until it was right in front of me. How do they know?

As usual, met up with lots of friends and acquaintances and had a good old chin wag discussing projects old and new, health, getting old, showing off our purchases and all the usual stuff. 

Over all a great day out and thanks to John for driving. 


  1. Pleased to catch up, if all too briefly in my rushed day. Enjoy your jaunt to India!

  2. Cheers Colin for sharing your day out, it's nice to visit a show from the comfort of my chair and no temptations to spend my money .😀