Monday 29 April 2024

Remote campaigning, Springtime for Napoleon in Germany 🎶

As any readers may be aware I have been away in India since mid March and I return at the end of May. While I’ve been baking in Bangalore the guys at home have been playing a Napoleonic campaign based on the one that can be seen on YouTube’s Little Wars TV set in the Spring of 1813. The wonders of technology being what they are, I have been able to take part, in the planning, plotting and so forth, if not the battles, as we (the combined Russian and Prussian armies) attempt to ruin Napoleon’s day. John H and Nigel set up and are running the campaign, using the Roll20 app to give everyone wherever they are access to the map and indeed the ability to chat in real time.

Part of the map at the end of turn 2.

I am playing the Russian General Wittgenstein in command of the Army of the Elbe, a combined Russian-Prussian force. I don’t want to give any real details of what has transpired so far as I would hate the French to obtain any intelligence from the Allied Press. There is however a battle to be fought outside Dresden at the of turn 3. The allies W of Dresden pulled back in turn 3 and the giant blob of Frenchmen descended upon them. The vastly outnumbered but morally superior Allies have stood to fight. When I find out what happened I shall post the outcome.


  1. Good to see that you can continue gaming while Baking in Bangalore.

  2. Hope you schemes are not torpedoed by those Frenchies!

  3. Vive L'Emperor. Glad your enjoying yourself in India.