Monday, 24 February 2014

1866 Hesse-Darmstadters

Here we go again. More completed figures for my 1866 'runaway train' project. This time we have a brigade of Hesse-Darmstadt troops from the 3rd Division of the Federal VIII Corps. Pictured are four battalions of infantry, supported by a small unit of j├Ąger/sharpshooters and a 4pdr Krupp artillery battery. The figures are all Battle Honours and the flags are from Maverick models. (They were still using Napoleonic era flags so no problem sourcing these for a change).  Some, but not all, of the figures are shown wearing the red/yellow/black arm band on their left arms, which was used to help distinguish between factions during the war, although there were still a few blue on blue incidents, such as the Austrians firing on the Kur-Hessen (friendly) hussars towards the end of the battle of Auschaffenberg. The brigadier is an Irregular mini.


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  1. Nice work. An era I'd always intended to get to painting some troops for small games. The Batle Honors figures are very nice.


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