Monday 3 February 2014

More 1866 troops

Despite being distracted by England's performance against France on Saturday and Scotland's miserable showing against Ireland on Sunday I did get some bases done. First up, the Prussian 4th (Westphalian) Cuirassiers, which were part of the Army of the Main. (Irregular minis). I quite like this range produced by Irregular, especially the cavalry as they paint up well, are much cheaper by a mile than North Star and Foundry and fill a gap where other ranges fail to deliver all the troop types needed.
 Next are the Prussian 8th (Westphalian) Hussars who were brigaded with the 4th Cuirassiers in 13th Cavalry Brigade (Irregular minis).

Now the opposition. First, a regiment of Saxon Reiter. Ok the Saxon army withdrew into Bohemia to fight with the Austrian Army of North, but they could have been ordered to join up with Federal forces in the West. (Irregular minis)

The final unit of cavalry are a regiment of Hesse-Darmstadt Reiter, who served in the 3rd Hesse-Darmstadt Division in the VIII Federal Corps. (North Star - mounted Prussian officer in feldmutz).

At the bottom we have one brigade of my Prussian Division. It could represent any one of the divisions that formed part of the Army of the Main, in particular Von Goeben's 13th Division, although I have used a bit of licence with the flags just to get some variety. (Mainly Foundry with some North Star)


  1. Your Prussian infantry look terrific! With the poses, I can envision them advancing under a hail of bullets. How do the Irregular infantry compare to North Star and Foundry?

    1. The Irregular infantry are far less animated than the others but have a certain charm.

    2. Hi Colin. How do the compare to Foundry size wize?


  2. Great looking units, I prefer the staid cuirassier stance to the animated hussar one.

  3. So do I but hey, they are hussars!