Wednesday 12 February 2014

1866 Saxons

I recently finished basing these units up and am now almost at the end of my accidental side project. (How many times have I said that?). This time we have the bulk of a brigade of Saxons. Four battalions of line. I'm working on the j├Ąger and artillery. The Saxon army withdrew into Bohemia to fight with the main Austrian Army of the North but I believe the original plan was to have them join up with the Federal forces in Western Germany. What a difference that would have made! I deliberately chose a very light blue for their uniforms to make them stand out a bit more but the Army Painter quick shade seems to have done something to the colour. It may not/probably isn't the correct shade of blue, but I think the debate about that is ongoing and could go on for a long time yet. The flags are more or less the right design for 1866. Thanks to Molinary on the Pendraken forum for providing me with lots of very helpful information on Saxon and indeed various other minor German states' flags. (Battle Honours figures from Old Glory 15s in the USA. They fit in v well with Foundry although North Star do dwarf them very slightly, but you can't really tell when they're on the table).


  1. Your Saxons look good. Any chance of a detailed photo so I can scrutinize the Battle honors figures more closely? I haven't seen the BH figures before and would enjoy a closer inspection.

    1. Jonathan, yes, I will be posting some more pictures of the rest of the Saxons and my Hesse-Darmstadt brigade in a few days so will try and get better images than this lot.

  2. Hi
    Great figures, I am interested in this period, so it's great to see your blog. I've just painted up some BH Saxons, would you be able to let me know where I can purchase Saxon flags? BTW I used the army shade but just highlighted the uniform.
    to bring out the lighter blue of the uniform.