Thursday 6 February 2014

more 1866 reinforcements.

The Prussian army campaigning in Western Germany was supported by a not insignificant number of contingents from states allied to Prussia, either by design or geography. One of the reasons for resurrecting my interest in this period was the chance to paint up several units in non-Prussian uniforms, either in style or colour.

First up is the Lippe-Detmold Fusilier Battalion. Their uniform was very similar to that worn by Prussian j├Ąger but with black facings and a yellow and red cockade. This unit was attached to the Prussian 13th Division and saw it's fair share of fighting, notably at the Battle of Kissingen where they helped defeat the Bavarians. (Foundry).

Second is a battalion from the duchy of Brunswick, still resplendent in their black uniforms and sky blue facings, although were supposed to be changing to Prussian-style dress. They were apparently still carrying flags from the Napoleonic Wars ( as indeed were some of the Prussians, whose flags were in so e cases just a few tatters attached to the flag pole). Nobody does figures suitable for the Brunswickers of 1866 (or 1870 for that matter), so I've used a bit of licence and made do with North Star Prussians in forage caps. The Brunswick contingent were very slow to mobilise and formed part of the Prussian 2nd Reserve Corps along with troops from Mecklenberg, Oldenburg, Lubeck and Saxe-Altenberg.


  1. Nice looking units, love the Brunnswick battallion...

    1. Thanks Phil. I had a bit of a disaster with the Brunswickers. One of my mates asked why I didn't use a matt spray over the quick shade to dull the figures down a bit. Well I tried, followed the instructions on the tin and ended up with a very foggy/misty covering! A quick re-gloss put it right thankfully. Anyway, I LIKE a gloss finish.