Thursday, 23 November 2017

Last minute reinforcements for the Dutch and Spanish

I based these up last night. A Spanish medium gun and a very large battalion of Dutch infantry. I will certainly use them on Saturday. I bought the figures and the hand painted flags off Mark Allen last week for a daft giveaway price that nobody would believe. I quite like the sabot base but will need some slightly less deep ones for the majority of my units. Warbases here I come!

No doubt they will acquit themselves valiantly on Saturday...........?????


  1. Really like the finish you get with these. Do you paint on primary colours, and then follow with a wash?

    1. I do yes. Block the colouts. Hihhlight. wash. more highlight. but I didn't paint these.

  2. Wonderful job and beautiful colors Colin, congrats!

  3. Nice extra units and good to hear that they will be in action over the weekend.

  4. Great unit but the flags are everything !

  5. Wonderful looking units Colin.

  6. Grand additions at the eleventh hour.

  7. Nice looking figures - last minute reinforcements are always welcome - hope the upcoming g game goes well


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