Tuesday 26 October 2010


Well, I have finished the first burst of activity in getting my next project off the starting blocks. I'm not sure I like the end result so far but time is of a premium so getting two opposing armies ready for a game is, as always, my main priority. Target date - Christmas holidays 2010. I have really gone off painting and after 10 months of 28mm Russian Civil War and VBCW getting back to 'proper' uniforms is proving to be a big adjustment. Just waiting from some finials from Front Rank to finish this lot off (and I've just noticed I need to paint the base edges of several of these units. ooops!). I've not made my mind up yet about rules or anything like that so am using 30 as the standard unit size for the English and 24 for the Americans - I can always remove a base or two depending on the figure scale required AND I like big battalions! As for rules, British Grenadier look ok but might be a little too complicated for my aging brain to handle. I think Rank and File or Black Powder will work well, as will our own 'house' set of 'old school' rules. Its half term this week so I have a few days off. My aim is to get two more Anerican battalions finished (both half done) and then try and get some generals finished for both sides and start some American artillery and cavalry. I have probably (definately) gone a bit OTT again, as based on my recent purchasing binge, I will end up with 12 English/Scots/Loyalist battalions, plus guns and a small body of cavalry to face something like 18 units of Americans with cavalry and artillery in support. Oh dear! Too many English but it'll give me some variety - that's the plan anyway. Honest! Actually, I am in the process of moving my games room across the top landing to a the much bigger spare bedroom (games room will then be decorated and become a smaller spare bedroom but big enough for any transient guest who might drop in needing a bed). This will mean I will be able to fit a respectable 10' x 6' table in the new room, which will be nice except I shall have to buy a new terrain mat! Happy days ;o)


  1. Its a period I do myself- so far with a mixture of stadden 30mm and various OG types- both origonal and 2nd edition.- The Stadden 30mm are slowly being "chargified" so I cabn do small charge style games but the other makes are based up much like yours
    Mind you if you've gone off painting and can still finish whole units without losing the will to liove.....

  2. I think that once I can get back into the swing of painting proper uniforms and large ubnits I shall wiz through them.