Monday 23 January 2012

Brandywine tonight!

Assuming the weather doesn't turn later this afternoon John is coming up to fight Cornwallis' attack at the Battle of the Brandywine. Rob can't make it which is a shame but he's probably still trying to sort his new mega-games room sorted out!
The scenario is based on the one in the British Grenadier supplement but we'll be using Black Powder if only because they guarantee you a speedy game. I thought I'd get in the mood by putting some pictures up of the initial setup. If we don't get it finished this evening I plan to leave the game and return to it the next time John comes here for a game. I intend to reflight Knyphausen's battle at a later date.
The photos show the substantial rebel forces under General Sullivan hold a line in and around the village of Birmingham as well as each of the three brigades of infantry commanded by Earl Cornwallis, namely the lights, guards (yes, I know they didn't carry flags in America but I had them and they look nice) and the grenadiers. All tough troops but likely to be hard pressed against the more numerous rebels. Luckily, the British will get a brigade of Hessian Grenadiers and one of English line infantry as reinforcements fairly early on in the battle....with a bit of luck. I will post the after action report here later in the week as I am busy with work for a few days ;o(


  1. Great setup Colin, looks good.

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    3. It's been a hard slog so far for the British. We have called time out and will come back to the game next time its my turn to host a game.