Friday 18 July 2014

Inventory II: Crimean War

This was one of last year's projects that got out of hand, indirectly at least. Foundry had a sale on getting rid of a load of regimental deals, including several from their Crimean range. I managed therefore to pick up all my Guards, two battalions of Highlanders, the Rifle Brigade and a couple of British Line battalions for a song. Ebay, a few carefully selected purchases off Foundry,Warlord Games and Great War Miniatures together with Ebor miniatures for the Russian infantry and I suddenly had enough British, Russian and Turkish forces for a good-sized game.

I really don't know what it is about this period that interests me most; is it the stupidity of it all, the uniforms, or the clash between emerging modern weapons against out-dated tactics, or is it all of them? Most important is that the figures look great on the table and the games to date have been fun and quite a challenge for both sides.

Again, as we get older we might wonder what would happen to our toys when we are no longer able to enjoy them. I'm not sure what an archaeologist 2000 years from now would make of early 21stC grave goods!

3 x 24 infantry - Guards Brigade (F/GW)
3 x 24 infantry - Highland Brigade (F/GW)
6 x 24 Line infantry (F/W/GW)
1 x 24 Rifle Brigade (F)

5 x 6 cavalry - Light Brigade (F/GW)
5 x 6 cavalry - Heavy Brigade (F)

6 guns and crews (F/GW)

2 x 12 cavalry (F)

8 x 12 infantry battalions (F)

2 x guns and crews (F)

16 x 24 Line infantry (E/F)
1 x 24 Rifle battalion (F)

2 x 12 Cossack (F)
2 x 12 Hussars (F)
2 x 12 Uhlans (F)

11 x guns and crews (F)

There are also numerous dithering commanders, various vignettes and loads of casualty markers.

With the exception of a couple of gun crews for my siege/fortress artillery this collection is pretty much complete. I probably could do with another brigade of Russian cavalry.........Some of the Turks (about half) have yet to be based but I think thats it! I certainly have no plans or need to expand the forces at all.

The French and Sardinians? I have loads of the former and some of the latter but I will cover them in another post.

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  1. Ours is not to reason why; ours is to paint or die. Paraphrasing Tennyson a bit! Interesting combatants with appealing uniforms all romanticized by His Lordship. All of your rationale works for me.