Tuesday 9 September 2014

A new Seven Years War regiment, as if I need any more!

I've managed to base up quite a few Seven Years War units recently, including this new battalion of Prussian infantry, I.R. 16 Graf zu Dohna. The figures are from Black Hussar of Germany and they are rather nice I think, so nice in fact that I've sent off for another couple of battalions worth to complete my Prussian army with the addition of a couple of Garrison and/or Land battalions so I can have a little variety in my army when facing my troublesome Russians or Rob's Austro-Franco coalition. The flags are from GMB.


  1. "They say don't go up the leaden mountain,
    If you're looking for a life;
    'Cos that mountain, is a growing mound and
    you gotta be handy, with a brush and a knife."
    (sung to the tune of "Wolverton Mountain")

  2. Nice Prussians! Is it possible to have too many battalions? I think not! Carry on!

  3. Just what you need Colin,
    More Prussians, they are very good figures though.
    Thanks Robbie.