Wednesday 11 November 2015

Something new

For about 2 years now I've been slowly building up a new project. I have trawled eBay and taken advantage of various sales by manufacturers  to put together two decent-sized forces for the French-Dutch War of 1672-78. So far I have a combined Dutch/Spanish force of 12 regiments to fight 13 French regiments. I still need to finish a couple of foot units for both sides and some Dutch/Spanish cavalry. I've had a number of units painted for me (mainly cavalry) but the majority were done by me as a little light relief from painting 18th and 19th C figures.

More (and better) pictures to follow.


  1. Vive le Roi du Soleil

    lovely looking figures Colin

  2. always good to see a new project coming along. well done.

  3. Those look terrific. The flags and deeper bases really set off the figures.

  4. Interesting period to game; nice units