Saturday 30 January 2016

Hessen-Darmstdt Leib-Grenadier Garde and Brunswick Leib Regiment

Two new units graduated from boot camp this week. The top two pictures show the Brunswick Leib Regiment. These are mainly Black Hussar miniatures with a few Minden minis and a Front Rank colonel added to bring them up to establishment. The original unit of Hesse-Kassel infantry was bought off eBay last year but Hesse-Kassel flags are boring so this unit was transferred to Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel service (with far nicer flags) after a quick and minor paint job.

 The next unit has a similar provenance as the one above. I had the flag, unused and purchased off Maverick Models ages ago and was itching to use it. I had to repaint the mitre caps and add half a dozen more figures to bring them up to my preferred strength of 36 but I think they look great. They're mainly Foundry miniatures.


  1. Nice work there Colin! I envy you chaps who light on whole units on Ebay of a decent standard and a good price!

  2. Thanks David. They worked out at about £5 a figures, painted including the casting, which is pretty good I think.