Wednesday 20 January 2016

Kolin on Friday

We shall be refighting Kolin again on Friday, using the Honours of War rules this time. These rules will no doubt give us a very different game. Robbie and John R ae coming up, as are one of my oldest wargaming buddies (40 years or so) and Graham Cummings of Cran Tara miniatures. The top three pictures show the two armies moving into position. I'm using my new mat which arrived yesterday from Lithuania courtesy of Deep Cut Studios.

 The last two pictures show a slovenly Prussian grenadier being dressed down by his NCO for being drunk on the morning of the battle. "If you want to fight, then fight the Austrians over there!". A full report will follow.


  1. Colin,
    I am really looking forward to this battle. Especially with the HOW rules, hopefully Frederick will get his comeuppance.

  2. Thanks. It will be a great game I am sure, although I must retain a certain level of impartiality........but yet it'll be a tough one for Frederick, but just as tough for the Austrians.

  3. That all looks really good! I like the 'drunk' vignette. Hope its going well!